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  • mikey74

    Whistler: Kill me Thrill Me; Young Lust/Comfortably Numb
    Pemby: Cream Puff
    Squamish: To be honest I can’t remember the names but there is a bike shop there who will be able to point you in the right direction. Think one trail was called Entrails: It was steep and technical as hell but great fun.
    Vancouver: The North Shore, of course.


    Tootle on up to the Sunshine Coast and Roberts Creek. Lots of what you like around there.

    And dont forget to ‘yodel’ ๐Ÿ˜‰


    if you have a smart phone get the map apps, well worth it, the maps are loaded on the device so just needs GPS, check here for details

    I would say for some classic north shore… Seymour for some DH down CBC, Corkscrew, Neds, Bottletop, really needs to be shuttled, hang around long enough someone will give you a ride up.

    Fromme can be ridden up try 7th Secret, Ladies Only, Baden Powell back to start, do some laps of bobsled, floppy bunny and finish with natural high.

    Cypress, don’t ride it much…

    Squamish, depends how high you want to ride, Half Nelson and full nelson are quite famous but almost trail centre style, jumps, berms, but there is so much there.

    Whistler, comfortably numb is an IMBA epic, done it once, not sure I would again. again tons of trails in the valley, get the apps.

    Might as well do one day in the bike park if you haven’t been before, or even buy the sampler ticket to do just a few runs, also they have the top of the world trail which is a bit different i guess.



    I’ve got 10 days around Vancouver in a few weeks. Lucky me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I want to put together a list of classic “all mountain” trails to keep me occupied around Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, and anywhere else in the area. I’m more than happy to put in some effort, and some back country epics would be fine. I’m not really a fan of bike parks. I’d prefer to explore…

    So, any recommendations?




    River Runs Through It in Whistler is awesome if you like ladders/woodwork. Go get a trail map from Evolution and have a ride around, there are some amazing bits of singletrack. And then there’s the bike park ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best riding I’ve done here is definitely Cumberland on Vancouver Island, can get there for lunchtime from the city, great hostel at Riding Fool and good guiding if you want it from Island Mountain Rides.

    [heresy] I went to the Park once, wouldn’t go back, its a downhillers paradise I guess but on a 6″ bike with limited jumping skills I just found it really hard work, kind of repetitive and frankly, busy ugly and expensive 8) I’m sure I could have ridden different trails or something, but wish I’d spent a day riding the non-park stuff in the village instead. [/heresy]


    Whistler: Kill me Thrill Me; Young Lust/Comfortably Numb

    He said the best not the worst ๐Ÿ˜†

    I know people love KMTM and Uncomfortable Bum but personally I hate them, and pretty well any trail to the immediate north of Whistler (“No Flow Zone”).

    Can’t go to wrong in Squamish. Go into Corsa or Tantalus, grab a trail map and ask some questions.
    Ladies Only on Fromme (North Shore / North Vancouver) is a classic trail and gives you a great idea of what the Shore is (or was?). Expresso is being rebuilt (I’ve helped a bit) and that’s now a really flowy fun trail (currently a bit gnarly at the end though, depending what building happened in the last few weeks).
    Seymour is having a bit of a revamp. I guess CBC is a must in that it has a bit of everything but it beats you up on a ‘small’ bike, and not really for the right reasons.


    To be honest the trails are so much better than stuff in the yUK you’ll have a hard time not having a great time.

    Bring a bike you don’t mind balling and watching smash itself to bits down rock faces.


    Comf Numb has its fans, but since they opened up the Yummy Numby climb into Foreplay, or down CN in reverse, theres no reason IMO to ride CN as per the IMBA epic trail.

    Whistlers better trails are on the Westside. Plenty of new stuff over that way.. trouble is, many visiting riders can be overwhelmed by the technical aspect of riding the trails that local riders would consider to be the better trails in Whistler. Same goes for Squamish.

    Away from the westside, a great long techy Whistler loop would be Train wreck with Lower your saddle > Run Away train > Seat to sky > Trash, Farside/Riverside, Highline, Tunnel Vision (or Business Time if you’re brave) then up Kadenwood to big timber and Dustys for post ride beer.
    Not many guests would manage to get all that in though as the tech does wear you out.
    Shorter but still challenging either North Secret to Young Lust or Yumby Numby to Foreplay with soem good old fashined Lost Lake trails thrown in for good measure.
    Kill me thrill me as an out and back with the new section will change peoples perception of that trail I think.
    I have my favourites, in Squamish too.. but what gets me buzzing isn’t the same for everyone else.
    Half and Full Nelson get plenty of people excited, but I tend to avoid at all costs unless its a social race up that way.
    For me, my best Squamish days are about laps like Cheshire Cat> Cheshire Kitten > White Rabbit> Crouching Monkey > Jacks > 50 shades > any choice of trails off the top of Entrails (or even Credit Line to keep things a bit less demanding).
    or the Legacy climb to Skookum > IMBa Smart > Freds > Word Of Mouth > up to STP and Somewhere over there.

    Entrials is up behind my house and gives access to some stunning technical XC riding. Huge rock faces on Penthouse, Room With a View and Boney Elbows or more oldschool Squamish tech like Value Added, Mark My Words, Entrails itself or Icy Hole of death.

    If you had to do one trail in Squamish? ‘Somewhere Over There’ for me. There is a bit of everything in there and its not too much of a monster to get too and whilst there are tougher sections, it has some superb flow also. Good effort to reward ratio!

    For completenes we offer guiding in Whistler and can help you with Squamish info.


    Thanks for all your replies. Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    BearBack – Thanks for the guiding option. I may get back in touch when I’ve worked out my plan in more detail.


    Ah. Very good info esp. Bearback! I am heading that way from here in NZ in early August and have a few days to kill in Whistler before meeting up with a crew to ride Squamish, then Pemberton, then Chilcotins and then either down via Merritt or back home via Squamish. Hoping to fix up a chopper ride too.

    Bearback – without wanting to tread on your guiding toes is there a loop or loops you would suggest on Westside? Happy as with gnarly tech on a 6 inch AM bike.

    I am likely to be in Whistler about Mon 12th to Wed 14th Aug (which happens to be the middle of Crankworx). Is it easy or possible to meet other people in Whistler to do day missions out on the trails?

    Anybody got recommendations for the better biker friendly accommodation in Whistler? Probably at the more affordable end of the scale. Is there some accommodation that is likely to be better for meeting people to ride with?


    We stayed with Bearback a couple of years ago, to be honest we found that their chalet with brekkie and dinner was about the same price as a hotel, so from that point on, the guiding, airport transfers, bike garage/workshop and hot tub are essentially freebies ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plus you end up in a residential style area, rather than crammed into a hotel room. We had a new guide who was still learning the trails so although we may have missed some stuff, we still rode great trails every day.


    Thanks Spooky. I may drop them a line about a 3 days stay as it is not detailed on their website.

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