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  • Best Trail helmet to use with a Gopro
  • Premier Icon northshoreniall

    Have bell super, not used with camera afraid but it is very comfy and well vented, not too hot even this weekend.


    I’ve only used the gopro once with the Super. The bell mount doesn’t look like it’s up to the job and didn’t feel like it was on particularly tight when attached, but it stayed in place no bother and the extra weight of the camera wasn’t noticed when riding. The lid itself is pretty comfy. I don’t think the footage is any shakier than my full face stuff but i don’t wear my FF on trails (trail centre smooth) like this, so not sure if it means anything. 😀


    the Scott Segura has a flat top for mounting (?????). Not tried one, hoping to get one cheap.


    I’ve got a poc Trabec race at the mo and the shell moves a lot causing the camera to shake about .
    Anyone tried a Bell Super.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    First ride in a new Bell Super for me today. Didn’t have a GoPro attached, but mount looks good enough.

    The ventilation on the lid is very, very good. The vents on the front edge work really well.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Tried the Bell but it squashed my ears and was annoying in the shop and it seems to be bit of a yes/no with a few people. Used my old Spec something and it was fine, think the Fox Striker I have now would be good too.

    Again first thing about the lid is it needs to fit.

    Have a look at the chest mount, if you do go for the lid mount depending on weather look at the moisture strips as there is plenty of heat coming up off your head.

    What is more important to you;

    A helmet that fits and works well as a helmet
    A helmet which lets you drop some sikkkkk edits of you and your bros shedding teh gnat?


    Does fitting a camera on your helmet not somehow reduce the safety ? It always looks like something to snag in an impact, risking more rotational damage.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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