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  • Best towns in Wales for a winter hol
  • Bunnyhop


    Seriously though, I would pick Hay on Wye. With some local knowledge you’ll find the best pubs and eateries.



    Less tourists come winter than betws.
    More shops.
    More pubs.
    More hotels
    Steam railway
    Snowdonia is still only an hours drive to hills.
    Berwyns to bike/walk
    Llandegla to bike
    Chester nearby
    Lots of scenery


    Porthmadoch – just had a long weekend there. Beaches and coastal walks around, Purple Moose, steam railways to see the stunning countryside while drinking your Purple Moose. 30 mins to Antur or CyB. Castles nearby, Portmerion for a quirky day out (the combined bistro lunch/entry ticket seemed fair value)


    Dolgellau is a nice night out, locals are friendly, there’s a good restaurant and the pubs are cheap. Anything from a sensible meal and couple of pints to getting absolutely shit faced. CYB and Cadir v close.
    That said Mach sounds nice but not stayed there.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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