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  • Best time to sell a bike?
  • Sell ’em now. How much difference do you think there’ll be if you sell them next year? Bikes are worth pittance anyway. They’ll have probably lost even more money if anything.


    road bikes will sell better spring/ tour de france time but if it’s new (<3 years) adding another year to it will cancel that out.


    My attitude is whenever you want the money rather than the bike – if you sell now it will probably take a bit longer to sell and you’ll probably get less than you would have in May 17 but you had an extra 6 month use of them.

    If you wait till May 18 then they’ll sell a bit quicker but they’ll also be another calendar year older. They’ll never be worth what they were back in Spring.

    The upside is that if you’re looking to buy another SH bike it will be easier to get a deal because the seller won’t be getting as many calls, if you’re chomping at the bit to get a 2018 bike as they all seem to be arriving now then you’re probably doing it *wrong* from a financial point of view, but it must be a popular thing to do or ‘the industry’ would launch all their bikes in Spring.


    As above, I’m thinking of getting rid of both my Codeine 29er and my carbon road bike – Is this a good time to put these out there or, with winter around the corner, should I hang back till next year???



    See, I’d never buy a bike at lunchtime. I get distracted by food. Just after breakfast is the best time.

    Friday afternoon is the silly season on eBay.

    But as others said, if you wait then it will just drop in value.

    Only exceptions might be not-too-new* road bikes which will be worth more during the TDF/summer, and proper CX** bikes which have their season around now.

    *not retro/classic, but not the latest and greatest and still depreciating.

    **race bikes, not commuter/tourers.


    When you have a buyer.


    8pm on a Sunday is my best time to sell anything, always timed my ebay listings to end then. People buy all sorts of stuff off ebay that time on a Sunday, especially outdoorsy stuff. Must be something to do with going back to work on a Monday and they spend some money to cheer themselves up or to have something to look forward to for the folowing weekend.


    Just before the Mrs finds the new bike. That way they all blur together. It comes down to “number” of bikes in our house. Keep the colours neutral as well. Boring colours get less attention I’ve found :O)

    2018 models are getting released now so 2017s are all reduced (20% off Giant and cube, 40% off some very nice disc-braked cannondales due to Q/R axle and 6800 Ultegra now being old hat 😯 ) which has a knock-on effect on value of used bikes. Combine that with the sudden arrival of autumn and people putting summer bikes away and it aint a great time to sell a road bike.

    thankfully (for my bank account) they’ve sold out of 54s

    Next spring it will be a year older but after a couple of years condition and general spec seems to have more impact on used road bike values.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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