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  • Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Things that you like about this time of year.

    I love seeing the ducks and geese flying south in big “V” formations quacking excitedly.

    Makes me smile


    Wind + Canary Wharf dress code = Win!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Longer days, sunshine returning, sitting outside have breakfast, dry and dusty rides summer just round the corner.

    I may be a little further south of you.


    Cycle paths so covered with leaves on night rides that you can’t see the path.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    The smell of forests.
    Cold, frosty, sunny mornings with blue skies and visibility for miles.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Clear blue skies and autumnal colours.


    The light / colours on clear sunny days, especially in the morning / evening

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Nothing. The equinoctal periods here are windy and wet and incredibly annoying. Another day of 100kmh winds and driving rain.


    I like the drop in temp.
    I like going through the forest in the dark on the way home.
    I like the sunsets.
    I like the long shadows from the big hay bales in the fields.
    I like the geese.
    I like zooming through all the big piles of leaves.
    I like that a lot of the fair weather commuters put their bikes away.


    First frosts and hope for the mud to start to be frozen in the morning when waking the hound.

    Also dark mornings and nights mean you rarely see people when walking the dog!

    Yes I’m an unsociable so and so!

    Premier Icon Simon

    The darkness opens up more cheeky riding opportunities 🙂
    That’s all I can come up with, this is not my favourite time of year!


    Making bully 4×4 (or any car) jump into the ditch when they see my lumicycle light on “low power” light coming towards them 🙂




    The light
    Autumn colours (if there are any left)
    Stormy weather, when you can wear appropriate clothing and not turn into a boil-in-the-bag human.
    Clear, starry nights.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    nostoc wrote:


    Mangos, fresh cheap mangos


    Riding on quiet trails and empty roads. Hoping for snow. Sunrise/Sunsets. Mince pies.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    coolhandluke – Member

    I love seeing the ducks and geese flying south in big “V” formations quacking excitedly.

    “Are we there yet?”

    I love riding bikes in the cold. Not quite there yet, still at that awkward spot where it’s cold standing around if you’re not wrapped up, but too hot when you ride off.

    Also, love the changes in the landscape, summer is frankly dull as ditchwater when it comes to things to look at, our trees are all going mental just now and it’s stunning. (the smells too! Nothing like the smell of a scottish forest in the process of drowning in mud)

    Autumn’s the best season I reckon. Winter a close second. Summer’s alright.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    on the very rare occasion you get a tailwind home it’s glorious

    the crisp mornings that wake you up like nothing else

    not overheating, wearing the right number of layers to keep the torso warm and the arms a little cooler if that works for you


    I like not being in a hurry so much,less battering along with some half assed training plan ,and more plain old a2b commuting.

    My main light died in the forest tonight on the way back home,so I had to stop and rumage through my bag in the dark,once sorted out I just stood for a bit taking in all the sounds ,and the lights of the city twinkling through the trees from across the river.
    It’s nice to get those wee ‘tuned in to the seasons’ moments. 🙂

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    The light and autumn colours, crisp air and clear skies (occasionally recently)
    Coming back from a ride with the “right amount” of mud
    The knowledge the winter is coming and the ski season will be here soon
    Comfort food like stews, roasts and hearty soups
    Evenings in without feeling guilty that I should be out doing something

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Post ride scalding hot baths
    The wood burner is back in use
    Getting near Xmas bonus time
    No sunlight belting through the blinds whilst trying to sleep off the nightshift
    Planning next years riding

    It’s all good.


    Wet walnuts and chestnuts.

    Premier Icon Drac


    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Sideways rain, ankle deep mud, dark early, kids awake at 5am because of the clocks changing,
    The only thing that’s cool is riding in the dark and confusing the local wildlife with bright lights.
    Last year I had a badger running along in front of me for about 30 seconds, an owl cruised along just above my head for about 100m down the road on the same ride.


    Stocking up on the Daily Mail at work so I can use it to (attempt) to dry my cycling shoes out for the return journey.


    Being able to go for a good run, then have a hot shower at the end and then carry on with my day, rather than running in the hot, having a cold shower at the end to cool down, then sweating for the next 45 minutes

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Twilight rides. Love starting out in crisp Autumn sunshine and finishing with the lights blazing. The one thing we do have in this flat part of the earth is amazing sunsets.

    Kicking up fallen leaves as you ride.

    Squash and chilli soup.

    The start of the Goulash season.

    Going to the beach with the dogs and having it pretty much to yourself.

    Ho hum

    Errrr, not very much really.

    I guess the changing colours of the trees and shrubs is pretty, but I know it is a signpost to the depressing darkness of winter.


    I’m always up for a bit of dank early dawn sunlight and misty fields covered in dew.
    Then theres the low sunlight over Chichester Harbour.
    Then theres the freezing cold sand between your toes on the beach.


    growing a moustache and looking awesome in the name of charity (but actually because you love having a tache)

    Looking more Euro pro by the day! by BigG1968, on Flickr[/img]


    Comically huge, brightly coloured mushrooms.

    Cold evening air with an edge of smoke.

    Big cast iron pots quietly puttering away on the hob.

    Felling your winter riding skill-set returning.

    Trips to Drumlanrig; great in any season, but especially so at this time of year.

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