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  • Best sounds in the world :)
  • 2 x Webber 40DCOE carbs with trumpets
    Eurofighter Typhoon going vertical
    A 6ft+ close out on a dark night with a long period wave swell
    The pinging of rigging in a boatyard during a gale
    RR Merlin on start up when you are 20ft behind the exhausts
    wastegate chatter and the whine of a sc gearbox

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    The reassuring sound of my mother or fathers voice I suppose. I feel very gathered and sound and strong around them, even though they can be really annoying.. Though I know it won’t last forever and their voices will die. I realise I am actually very lucky to feel like that.


    “Hi, Dad…” as spoken by the eldest returning from a 2 year research jaunt in The Kalahari. I should be hearing this on Wednesday.

    “Hi, Dad. Can you lend me…” as spoken by the youngest, returning from Uni. I’ve heard this about four times in the last three weeks.

    “Hi, Dad……..” as spoken by the middle offspring returning from a two week secondment that turned into a ten week secondment, dahn sarf. Should be hearing that next Sunday.


    There are a few moments when the nighttime noises fade away and world seems to stop completely to take a breath just before dawn breaks. It always gives me goose bumps.


    Delong nice.

    la petite morte

    Ah yes I remember that……

    (Drifts off to one fantastic previous girlfriend)


    Merak wins +1


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    The sound of the woods breathing, as you lay staring up at the stars on a bivi night.

    Actually scratch that overly dramatic crap, its the sound of my mates snoring and farting in their bivi bags 😀


    Pulling cork out of a good single malt for the first time. Many memories wrapped up in that sound that come back every time, some good, others sad. But all things I don’t want to forget. this is how I justify each bottle anyway.


    Lost my hearing a few weeks ago. Doctors said it we prob perm…

    This weekend my daughter was shouting into my chest in the weekend and i heard a small tingle…..

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    Was going to say the silence that’s amplified by a massive/epic view (grand canyon, Moab/canyonlands, alps etc) then read Earls post… The way I read it I think that’s a sign of possible improvement?

    If that’s the case then You win – And I hope there’s progress from there.

    Ps, yes – ‘amplifying silence’ is a huge oxymoron. It it works for me.

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    The sound of silence

    Rain drops sizzling on hot rotors after a cracking descent

    A 16CSVT at full power

    PLUNK PLUNK PLUNK plunk plunk plunk – the sound of the first glass out of of nice bottle of wine

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)

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