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  • wrecker


    I do love a good electrical storm.

    Page 2 and no-one has mentioned a Merlin engine?? A spitfire regularly comes over the house and it always make me smile

    Premier Icon Stoner

    V8_shin_print – Member
    Page 2 and no-one has mentioned a Merlin engine?? A spitfire regularly comes over the house and it always make me smile

    bindun, 4hrs ago.

    Macgyver – Member
    Rolls Royce Merlin giving it large. Preferably half a dozen at the same time when slung in a lanc, a spitfire and a hurricance!


    la petite mort

    Next door’s “mother” screaming at her son – “I HATE YOU” at the top her Lambert & Butlered lungs. Bitch.

    The sound of acorns toppling onto the roof of our holiday static caravan in The Var.

    Rain on a taut tent while you’re toastie as owt in a four seasons inside.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Vulcan giving it full reheat, wow!!

    That’s not a sound, more a feeling 🙂

    Have always loved the sound of the sea.


    Agreed on the BRM V16 but not when it’s so obviously played over a completely unrelated film!


    Have always loved the sound of the sea.

    Before I’d read that I’d already thought of the deep boom of unseen waves breaking as you get changed into your wetsuit in the beach carpark behind the dunes before going for a surf.


    I’m not a golfer, but played pitch and putt earlier in the week on a work thing.

    The sound of a well hit, sweetly caught golf ball is pretty cool.


    the sound of the front door closing when the wife goes to work

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    Rain on your tent, when you’re all lovely and warm in your sleeping bag…and you don’t have to get up 🙂

    (Same sounds is also the worst in the world when you wake up needing a pee)


    children laughing
    rain on a surface whilst your in the dry

    Rodney Mullen skating. The board hitting surface…….zen.


    The sound of a big tree being felled into water. The creaking as its going over then the sound and visual effect of the big splash always gives me a big 😀

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    Internally combustion wide it has to be a single, goldies or manxes or for a curve Ball an aermacchi, or even just a plain old race tuned xtz.
    I am quite partial to the ring a ding of my mz though. Not that I have heard it in the last 5 years at least.



    Contains swearing

    The silence of a singlespeed

    Lovely. Unfortunately, always ruined by the singlespeeder droning on about how great it is. 🙂

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    babybgoode’s giggle. Always always cheers me up whatever my mood.


    Danny B


    Great stuff, especially like the Vulcan low pass!


    Spitfire and Lancaster
    The wind in my willow tree
    Waves on the beach
    My kids sleeping, laughing and singing


    Ollie to tail, bonus points for exactly the right amount of pause between the clack and slap 🙂


    That Mmmmmm a woman makes as she snuggles up afterwards.
    larks on high moorland on a sunny morning
    swifts in late summer
    waves at night


    +1 for rain on a tent when you’re curled up warm inside with a woman.

    The pffssst of a can of Stella after a ride or the champagnesque cork pop of a 750ml bottle of Leffe.


    The biotic explosion in Mass Effect 3 with quality headphones on.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    The crying of a newborn.
    Children’s laughter.
    Waves on the shore.
    The noise of a DH bike rattling down Whistler.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Crackle of ice receiving a flourish of gin.

    Rain on a camper van roof.

    One from school, a Helix ruler allowed to fall flat on a gloss desk, the air cushioned it perfectly and almost no sound was made…. So pleasing I can still enjoy it 20 years hence..

    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    +1 for the Gin
    Hold a bulbous glass close to your ear and pour good wine into it from a full bottle. The glug-glug noise is fantastic!

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Tyres on a fresh frozen trail.

    Rain on a tent roof

    tent zip, not heard yet this year, missing it.

    The sound of cow bells ringing, and nothing else when sitting on a chairlift going up a mountain in the summer.

    The Holte End when a goal goes in for the home side!

    The drone of an A series mini/metro engine/gearbox

    Walking on fresh snow

    Bacon frying in the pan


    Aout 1:16 in when he winds it up.

    f16 afterburner

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    are these threads related?

    PSA – Alpaca sex on BBC 2 right now. 11 Spin 7 minutes
    Best sounds in the world 🙂 – 23 76 palmer77 7 minutes


    1:24 into this one, like a bloody tiger.

    f22 spool up


    Early summer evenings sat in the garden and Mr Blackbird is singing.

    I always miss him when he stops for the year

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Seb Loeb in an 870+ HP Peugeot308 practising for Pikes Peak (Red Bull TV this Sunday)

    From 57 seconds in, then wait until the end for classic Ari moment


    A group 4 BDA at full chat echoing in a forest.

    Too good for the poor.


    A P51D Mustang with merlin engine doing a diving pass on an airfield, about 20ft over my head, the howl, snarl, roar… Unbelievble.


    Staying with the aviation theme:


    Youtube doesn’t really do it justice, but you can certainly feel it when it’s a few feet above you (not me on this one, by the way).

    But lets be honest with ourselves here – imagine a time when the hills echoed to Rolls Royce Merlins:


    Silence – especially the power of a one minute silence

    “Corduroy” snow on a fresh morning when first on the piste

    Water – sea or rivers


    Church organ/choral music

    The sound of a Pratt and Whitney Jt8d jet engine on the old Boeing 737 – 200 the epic crackle they made stood at the pub at Manchester Airport as a kid. Also Rolls Royce RB211’s on Boeing 757’s and the Rolls Royce Trent 800’s on the 777.

    The sound of a American B1b bomber at Fairford Airshow.

    Audi Rs4, any V twin motorbike.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    This doesn’t really do it justice, but these are what the Royal Navy used to have as portable fire fighting pumps.


    A manually started 40,000 rpm gas turbine powered Rover…

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I’m with Boz on this one.

    The whir of a chair lift with the tinkle of cow bells below. Only works properly with the sun beating down on your back though.

    That’s a real “life is good” feeling.

    The dog dreaming about chasing stuff in his dreams comes a close second.

    A woman shouting “**** me that’s massive!!”

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