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  • surfer

    In true STW tradition please recommend what you have 😀

    I have an old Berghaus back pack which is good but ageing and basically I “want” a new updated one. Its been absolutely ace and I cant kill it with a stick but I am tired of looking at it!

    Days in the hills for me are either running/fast walking for several hours with a very light Inov8 pack or even a waist bag. otherwise longer walks with the wife so need to carry a few bits and pieces (Berghaus is 32l could manage with smaller) hats, gloves, spare top etc.

    Osprey Talon 22 looks OK but also like the Montane Medusa 32.

    Any experience of either or recommend alternatives?



    Osprey Talon 22 here – love it.

    Lots of useful features and really comfortable to wear.


    Another very happy osprey talon user here. So comfortable.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Loving my assorted Evoc packs.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I’m a serial sac collector
    Daysac depends on length and severity of walk, prevailing weather conditions.

    If it’s a lightweight job then I’ll most likely be using an ages old Karrimor Mountain Marathon. Really light but carries amazingly well. If I’m carting more stuff around then probably Arcteryx Axios in the summer or Arcteryx Needle 35 in winter. Both beautifully made, great harnesses and comfortable.

    I also have an Arcteryx RT25 (yes there was a bit of obsessive purchasing behaviour) but that’s not as nice.

    Having said that if I was buying now I would give Osprey a good looking at.


    Whatever Osprey pack fits you best. I have more packs than I’d care to admit to. Nearly all of them are Osprey.

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    Look at OMM. I’m still using an old KIMMSAC (the precursor). It’s been round most of the Munros, including the Skye Cuillin.

    Premier Icon angeldust

    Yep, Osprey. OMM are good if you really want to get the weight down, and don’t mind a sweaty back. Won’t be as comfortable as Osprey though.


    Alpkit Gourdon for me, dead simple and it just works. Avoid anything by Berghaus all utter sh*te IME and I have 2.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I have a Medusa 32 but it’s probably a bit big for what you want. It use it for cragging days and have even done an overnight with accommodation with it. But it is wonderfully simple. Do Montana do anything smaller?

    Do you shop with a rucsac? I didn’t want to go under 30 litres as its a good size to nip out to the Super market


    Favouring the Talon 22 after your comments. I looked at the Gourdon when I was in Ambleside last week (I have loads of Alpkit stuff) but I thought it was a bit limited in terms of adjustment and the straps were a bit thin, also i like the access points on the more technical sacks and the roll top seemed a bit limited (although being waterproof is a good feature)


    @ampthill. Thanks, no only for days out really, not as an everyday thing.

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    Guordon is suprisingly comfortable but depends how you pack it. No pockets is a pain. Split mine in two snagging it on a branch. Replacement has been fine.

    Mountain hardwear scrambler 20 was also waterproof but not that comfortable loaded

    Osprey talon 22 is better than both despite not being waterproof. Got the cover which packs down small and anything critical in a dry bag inside.


    If price is an issue Decathlon packs are surprisingly good VFM. They’ve been upping their game recently too, the trail running packs are starting to seriously rival packs over twice the price. Worth checking out if you’ve got a store near you.


    Deuter Speedlite 20 is a good size pack and has some good bits 2 stuff pockets and a pocket for a bladder/camelback.


    Osprey Talon is probably best all-rounder – I also have ultralight running backpacks but they don’t carry the weight as comfortably / less durable. I also really like having things like zip pockets on the waistbelt and ability to cinch it right down. Deuter Air series also good with mesh suspension in warm weather.

    Just to be different, I can heartily recommend my Lowe Alpine Airzone 25 (I think it’s been superceded now) comfiest rucsac I’ve ever had, very light, too. Lowe Alpine are Britsh (ish) now, too.


    Favouring the Talon 22 after your comments. I looked at the Gourdon when I was in Ambleside last week (I have loads of Alpkit stuff)

    Did you have a look at rucksacks in Biketreks while you were there. We stayed in the lakes in november and got a couple of vaude day packs in the sale. Really good wee bags, waterproof cover, enough pocks, pockets on waist strap. Had a look and they still have some on sale but not the ones we bought.

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