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  • best road cycling magazine for kids
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    Have got some child labour pitting for me on Saturday so was going to get them some cycling magazines to say thanks. On the MTB side its easy as MBUK is basically written for kids, are there any similar for road cycling?

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    Road cycling tends to be far more serious and technical than MTB, so the comics don’t seem to exist

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    Thoguht that might be the case.. will have to just pick the best of the bunch and get some haribo too! When I was that sort of age I just looked at the pictures anyway

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    MBUK is basically written by kids

    FTFY 😉

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    I think kids will want a fast 3G connection and youtube, not Rouleur. Sorry to disappoint but you will be failing in your duties if you do not provide.

    Cycling Weekly is the comic, but not much is happening at the moment aside from Hill Climb action.

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