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  • Best road Bike for £500 to £600
  • Joxster

    Up the budget. Does he ride Campag or Shimano.

    Do you really need to up the budget, road bikes are pretty simple aint they?

    My mate bought a Ridgeback or Genesis thing for a bit less than that (£475 I think). It is a bit of a tourer with load of sora on it and weighs a bit. But it rides well fast and it fairly comfy.
    Cycling plus had some reviews of budget bikes this month although I think they may have been at the bottom of your budget. A Carrera bike from Halfords won by a mile.

    Not that I would normally condone cheap bikes, if you have the money get something uber bling, I might get a Lynskey Helix 🙂


    Get something 2nd hand with little use – probably get a nice frame and 105 groupset from one of the big manufacturers.


    Yes i know this is a MTB forum but the roadie sites are poo.

    My old man is after a new road bike for £500 to £600. he rides most weekends so needs something that can take lots of miles. Any ideas?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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