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  • crikey

    Sounds like user error in that it should shift well with new everything; hidden cables on Shimano require a bit of care in setting up, I run the cables around the back of the bars and run the right hand shifter cable to the left hand cable stop on the down tube, then cross the cables under the down tube to the correct channel under the BB…

    Did all that as well, so they crossed under the down tube. Also used fibrax black coated cables, which the coating just disintegrated. Used 1.2mm stainless jagwires, but they aren’t working either. Also moved the gear cable round the outer radius of the bars to be a smoother radius and still not working. Used plastic tube from the gear cables in the bottom bracket runner to no effect. Lengthened the rear mech cable outer, which made it even more vague and spongy. Just going to rip it all off and start with a new cableset again. Not had any luck with Fibrax or jagwires.

    Starting to get on my nerves. Changed cable runs, cable inners, new Shimano outers. Di2 is not in the bank account. Shifting is sweet going down to the smaller sprockets, but I am overshifting the shifter to go up. All new 105 10 speed stuff with 700 miles on it.Help

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Are you sure it is the cables?

    Checked mech alignment and made sure it isn’t bent?

    Sounds like a bent hanger or whacked mech. Or just a cable length fine tune.

    I find standard cables are ok, if you need super duper cables something is wrong.


    12years on my roadbike still indexes perfectly on the original OEM Shimano cables. Lubed about once or twice every winter.

    as above, check mech and hanger.. or take it to a shop who know what they’re doing.


    Yokozuna reaction cables.


    I use Jagwire cables all the time and have never had a problem with them on either my road or mtb bike.

    Could be outer cable length ie.Too short/long or too tight bends.
    If it shifts down the block ok I’d be dubious if its a bent mech hanger as that would throw shifting out in any direction.

    Are you using decent cable ferrules and are they properly seated on the cables and in the frame stops, a bit of movement here could affect your shifting.


    SRAM pit stop cables are 1.1 mm and very good stainless
    Personal my own road bike was build 8 years ago with gore and they still work

    Premier Icon ransos

    The only cables I’ve had trouble with are Wiggle own brand – they give very mushy feeling brakes.

    My Tiagra 10 sp bike is fine, as cables come out the shifter, not under the tape. I did 86 miles yesterday and they were slowly getting worse and stiffer through the ride. I am using XTR outer with non sealing shimano end caps. The rear mech , as far as I know been banged. The struggle is in the shift. I have also put a new cable in, checked it was shifting smooth, run it internally to the BB shell, then tried again, the put the rear cable on and tried again. At no point does it feel great, but not bad. I am going to strip it and start again with new cables and outers.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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