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  • Best place to stay near Coed Y Brenin.
  • Off to Coed Y Brenin next week. Need somewhere to stay. Has to have Secure bike storage too.



    Dafydd and Sian. Owners of the original coed y brenin cafe.

    Always had a warm welcome at the Tyn y Groes.

    Have also had some cracking weekends up here


    Second old skool – fab place and location.


    Ty Seren in Dolgellau has always been good to us.


    Depends what sort of accommodation… Cae Gwyn Farm, which is a mile up the main road from coed has a b&b, camping barn and campsite, really nice owners and great price.

    They also have secure bike storage and bike wash area (well a hose!)

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    If they can get you in Dafydd and Sian have the best b&b I’ve ever stayed in.

    Looked into oldskool-mtb. seems great and saw the article in the magazine. Unfortunatley they only do weekends!!


    Cae Gwyn Farm

    +3 oldskool-mtb …but yes, I think they have “other interests” during the week …it’s a lifestyle thing you know 😉 …in fact we’re off there in the morning aren’t we mtbscoop? 😉

    Never stayed at Cae Gwyn Farm but its been on the list of potentials whenever we’ve been to CyB. As it turns out, we usually stay at the Tyn Y Groes. Cheap, food and beer within stumbling distance of your bed and over the road straight onto the trails. Its pretty damn good…

    Glyn-yr-aur we stayed at once. Great location for the riding as the first bit of trail you hit from the house is the Addams Family. Unfortunately it means you end the ride with a momentus slog up the hill and its a drive to the nearest pub (the Tyn-Y-Groes) on an evening…

    OldSkool looks brilliant but its pretty pricey compared to the Tyn Y Gores. That said, I have no doubt the experience of staying there would be excellent in their rider-centric setup, knowledge and hospitality. Its on our list of places to try next time we’re there.




    Cae Gwyn is great. As is Heulwen Guest house And Tyn Y Groes (especially if you like a beer in the evening).


    +6 for Cae Gwyn. The barn is pretty basic, but for somewhere to sleep, eat and shower betwixt rides it’s fantastic.

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    Another vote for Car Gwyn,remember pay a couple of quid and they give you aloft to the pub return is gratis by the landlord.



    ive stayed here a couple of times, just down the road from coed y brenin

    If you’re still looking we’re 2 miles from CyB, you can bring bikes inside at many of our cabins, we have a pub 5 minutes walk away that serves food, stays from 1 night accepted. Check us out at or give me a call on 01248 431169


    just bumping this one. Sorry.

    To the folk who have stayed at Cae Gwyn, what’s the vibe like?

    Was thinking of heading there for a birthday for some biking/camping/ drinking. There might be 10ish of us. We’re not rowdy – most of us are 30-something parents – although i do quite fancy sitting up late with a bottle of whiskey. Is it the sort of campsite where you can find a bit of space and talk crap late into the evening without disturbing people who are trying to sleep?


    Have been twice. Will go again.

    +1 Cae Gwyn. Slept indoors, in the barn and in a tent there. Bang on. Also there are some cheekies near by that can get you onto the trails without spinning down to the trailhead, esp handy for the way home!!


    Another +1 for Cae Gwyn Farm here.

    I both camped there and stayed in their barn. Lovely place and great value for money. Just don’t ring the owners’ doorbell at midnight as they won’t be best pleased! Lesson learned.

    Oh, and you’re unlikely to get any phone signal out there if you’re on O2/GiffGaff like me, thus you won’t receive the text message asking you not to ring the doorbell.

    A dozen of us recently stayed in the Royal Ship Hotel in Dolgellau.

    I believe their car park has big secure gates locked at night, however when we stayed, there was a mini-music festival on, so we had to park in the Pay & Display. They let us bring our bikes into a secure storage room. The music festival/atmosphere was bang on.

    The rooms were fine (albeit some of them didn’t have en-suite), cracking breakfast and the little bistro over the road serves some lovely food.

    Dolgellau *shudders*

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    +1 Glyn-yr-Aur


    Been happy at all these:
    Ty Seren, incredible breakfast and in town so you can visit different pubs.Quiet at night.
    Cae Gwyn- basic breaky, will drive you to pub if they can, lovely and quiet.
    Tyn y gros- good if there a few if you, not many locals in when we were there. Lots road noise at night.

    My fav: Ty Seren, if you like a big night out, curry, a good sleep and great breakfast. The owners are lovely, mountain bikers, and have secure, dry storage.
    As a bunch of middle aged blokes who don’t get out much, we like it to count when we do so being in town is a big bonus.

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