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  • best place to sell body armour/full face?
  • thomthumb

    swap for an x-box? (pink bike)

    thats the thing flashy, i dont want to sell on here really… singletrack doesn’t really come across as the target audience for such items, i read more stuff on here laughing at people who wear such things that people talking about the benefits etc!

    Premier Icon MSP


    southern downhill

    I dunno, Phil. Plenty of discussion on pads etc that isn’t that way. Worth a try at least, I’d say.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I just ordered a new full face from CRC this morning, after smashing my last one up in a super gnarly alpine rock-splitting crash.

    Otherwise I might’ve been interested.

    Have sold a s/h FF for a fair price on Pinkbike before. That’s your best bet I reckon.

    pinkbike it is then 🙂 cheers guys!

    hope it was just the helmet and the rest of you is ok chapa?

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Despite the stereotyping not everyone on here is gonna ignore an advert in the classifieds.

    Some of us actually ride big bouncy bikes down hills and get a lift back to the top quite often.

    obviously none of you lot are exciting enough to use such things… personally i’ve only used them for dangerous tasks such as coating the neighbours cats in sudocreme and riding off curbs so they’re pretty much untouched…

    i dont like eBay and the associated postage/payments nightmare.. is there a better forum i could be looking at to sell such things or should i give in and go for ebay?


    Philly C

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Pinkbike and formerly Southern Downhill. Though’s classifieds are horrible to navigate, and Pinkbike’s are overrun by thieves, fantasists, timewasters and timewasters and timewasters.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    hope it was just the helmet

    I have got a broken arm, but that was a different crash. Had a few biggies practicing and racing the Megavalanche.

    On the mend now though.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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