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  • Best place for spokes?
  • cheeezzy24

    Is it still Rose Bikes or is there anywhere else I should look. Thanks

    Premier Icon stevied

    bike24 were good last time I needed some..

    Premier Icon vincienup

    If you want DT then Rose is where you want to be. They are getting a bit weird with unavailable 20 packs of sizes they will sell endless singles of though and aren’t quite as cheap as they used to be.

    If ACI spokes are acceptable and your eyes can cope with the 2001 site design then CycleBasket are your destination I think.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I recently looked at spokes –  Rose were definitely cheapest for DT Swiss as far as I could find.

    Sapim were expensive everywhere.

    CycleBasket do ACI which are marginally cheaper than the DT Swiss ones from Rose – although the ACI ones come with brass nipples where the DT Swiss don’t come with any.

    I went with the DT Swiss ones in the end as I already had DT Rims and Squorx Nipples. They arrived fairly quickly (within a week). I’ve laced the wheels but not started tensioning yet so can’t comment on how they build up. Compared to the straight gauge Halo spokes I used on my last build they feel a bit flimsy / bendy. I don’t remember the ACI ones being quite the same – but they were a 26” build and this is a 650b so these might be a little longer.


    Recently I got:

    ACI Alpina F1 black from totalcycling.com – 36p each. Postage about £3.  Cheap and no hassle.

    DT revolution black from eBay- £36 for or box of 72 incl. postage.

    Edit: like Joe, the DT didn’t come with nipples and ACI did.


    My last purchase, back in August was 60 (3 x 20 boxes) DT Competition spokes, including nipples for £41 shipped to the UK from Rose. They were still the cheapest by a long measure for DT spokes when I bought them then.

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