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  • Best place for cheap Micro SD cards? (UK)
  • Need to pick up a couple of gb microSD card for a GPS for when I’m back in the uk next week. Where’s best to get one online these day with quick turnaround and delivery? Or are they so cheap now there isn’t much difference in price compared to say PC world of Idiots?

    Back in’t day when I were waving camera around it used to be 7day shop or similar for CF cards?

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    I got mine on ebay for the last few (in Oz) just filter for the size/class and go for it.

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    IM wary of both amazon resellers and eBay. Ive had fakes and from both.

    Id still use 7dayshop or morgan computers


    MyMemory have always been good for me; good price & decent delivery speed.

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    Which mag (I think) did a brilliant test a few years back where they bought memory cards from about 15 different sources to investigate how many were genuine. 3 were from big retailers, they were legit, every single other one was fake. Not that this is necessarily a problem, since you won’t need top quality for a gps, but it’s kind of eye opening…


    My memory. Excellent service from Switzerland. Genuine products and even replaced the card the posty had robbed for free.

    MyMemory were great for me too, cheap, fast delivery, free returns and fast replacement after I ordered the wrong type of card! Doh!
    Card seems genuine and works at high res on my GoPro, which can be picky with the wrong card.

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    Costco do Sandisk Class 10 64Gb ones for around £30.

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    I like memorybits. They went way above and beyond the call of duty for me when another company (whose name I can’t remember, annoyingly) let me down at the eleventh hour on a card delivery for a birthday present.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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