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    Just remembered another nice beer anecdote – I was visiting a firm in Dublin that was trying to get our business. After being showed round and concluding the meeting the talk turned to the dinner and trip into Dublin that was planned. The owner told my colleague and I ‘I’ve had a word among the lads in the factory about who serves the best pint of Guinness in Dublin, and we’ve narrowed it down to five or six places. So you’ll have to make up your own mind on that’

    Great night out…….



    I have a similar tale of actually being reduced to drinking beer for a change of clothes. It’s quite a long story, but suffice it to say Friday night was Society Ball (with all-night bar). By Sunday having not been home, and still wearing a dinner jacket and trousers, me and my mate were starting to ‘pen’ a bit.

    Lo and behold, the pub we were due to meet up in had a ‘drink four pints of Guiness for a free T-shirt’ offer. Sometimes, god works in funny ways…………..


    CaptainFlashheart – Member

    chewkw, proper Japanese Asahi, or the brewed in the UK tosh?

    eerrmm … d’oh! Brewed in UK … I’ve been conned. 😮

    Well, I will go to Chinatown to get proper ones tomorrow.

    Forest XB at the Allenheads Inn, back when two of the bar staff were mannequins. I”m not sure if they make it with psyclobin mushrooms, but this certainly seemed to have some in it.


    Okay … the UK Brewed Asahi tasted errmmm … average to poor.

    Stella will beat it hand down.


    Thatchers Cheddar Valley at Ye Olde Cider Bar, Newton Abbot
    Thatchers Traditional at The Old Barrel, Exmouth


    Capt’n the majority of Asahi is ruined brewed in the EU.

    For a great pint you need:

    – 1 x hot summer evening
    – 1 x room at the Turf Cutters Arms in East Boldre
    – 2 hour blast round the New Forest on buff, sandy trails
    – Nice pint of Ringwood Forty Niner

    Heaven in a glass.


    Honourable mention to Ye Olde Elm Tree in Durham

    that used to be my local too! I lived on Allergate.


    Some of my favourites are:-
    Atlas Latitude
    sharp’s Doom Bar
    Franziskaner Wheat Beer
    Any beer from the brewery at Traquair
    Egham Show Bitter. I think it is produced in a brewery in Windsor
    Some nice beers on tap in the pub in the village of Melmerby in the Eden valley.


    Pint of vodka is where it’s at.


    Adnams Broadside at the Blue Bell Inn, Gringley-On-The-Hill

    that used to be my local

    How long ago? Martin and Lisa years, 2001-2005ish?


    Nicko, more people coming to my manor and drinking at the wrong pub!

    You should publish a guidebook!

    The Shakespeare in Durham was the first pub I went to where everything went utterly silent as I walked in with my then gf. An intriguing experience…

    Leeds Pale……session beer awesomeness


    Anything in the Kirkstyle Inn,

    Anything in the Bitter End Cockermouth

    Perfectly Poured Jennings Sneck Lifter or Fish King

    Now I’m missing home….

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    When at MrsBouys Farm in Harrogate this:

    When at Home (Hampshire) any of these: (The Flower Pots, Cheriton)
    Flower Pots Micro Brewery Ales list…

    When in That London here :
    Mason and Taylor (top of Brick Lane)
    Or here:
    Craft (Clerkenwell)

    Premier Icon Nick

    A few of these in the Stanton Arms, Stanton on Hine Heath, goes down well, still only £2.50 a pint too.

    Best pint of beer I’ve ever had was a pint of Tim Taylor Landlord in the Crown Posada in Newcastle, I was about to have a second and the crowd I was with decided to go for a curry 🙁


    The Salopian is very nice, if you like that then Bishop’s Farewell from Oakham Ales would tickle your fancy too.


    Almost anything from The Cask Pub & Kitchen in Brighton (raises virtual glass at CFH)


    Pint of Fullers Bengal Lancer in the Thomas A Beckett, Worthing after a spring Tuesday night ride 8)

    Premier Icon StuE

    Nice pint of Black Sheep at New Inn Appletreewick

    IMAG0508 by StuE1, on Flickr

    A pint of Tennants Extra in the Brook Tavern, Selly Oak circa 1990.

    A pint of Lamp Light at the Beamish Mary Inn, No Place, County Durham.

    First pint of Old Peculier at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel in Great Langdale after a hot day cragging at Gimmer. It’s all about context.


    Best pint.
    A Guinness when I discovered a pub in the basement during a sightseeing trip to Harrods with my wife.

    Mmmmmm, I made my first trip to Cask in Brighton last night (formerly the spotted dog, formerly the hop poles, formerly the spotted dog again before that)



    How long ago? Martin and Lisa years, 2001-2005ish?

    at various times between 2000 and 2008. My parents lived there and I lived with them for a year and at other times here and there. Didn’t go in that much.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    As a lager drinker what would be a good bitter to try?
    So a lagerish bitter please not a pint of Olde Badgers Bollocks!

    Biased , but a pint of Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild at the Red Lion , Godalming 1999ish , when Ian ran it properly .
    Was just amazing , but when I returned the next day it was all gone.
    My own Treacle Stout in The Jolly Farmers Bramley ,maybe 2001 – 2002 . Sublime .

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    A pint of Theakstons XB back before they were S&N owned in the Bay in Masham. Eee it were grand.

    As a lager drinker what would be a good bitter to try?

    Give Hop Back Summer Lightning a shot. Also worth a go are some of the lovely things from Wye Valley, such as their excellent HPA.

    Location – The Flower pots, Cheriton, Hampshire.
    Beer – Anything they brew on the premises, never had a duff one 8)

    Premier Icon easygirl

    A pint of flat cap, by the Bolton brewer bank top brewery
    It’s the champagne of the north



    Loweswater gold anywhere is amazing, but at the tower bank arms in sawrey, on the way home from a ride around claife, or grizedale, is very special indeed.


    While the London Pride I have in the glass next to me is excellent, it hardly compares to the liquid nectar that was snakebite+black served at Jesters in ’90.

    Premier Icon BigChris

    Rev James in a nice little pub near Brechfa after a horrible cold, wet ride a couple of years ago.
    More up to date. Salopian Breweries Lemon Dream, The Sabrina (River Severn cruise boat in Shrewsbury) last night at a good mates retirement do. And he’d paid for the barrel!

    Premier Icon johnny


    Summer- a pint of Dr Hexter’s Healer outside The Bell at Aldworth.
    Winter- a pint of Good Old Boy inside The Bell at Aldworth.

    Mogrim, Jesters?

    Gosh. 🙂


    Are we really 3 pages in with no mention of a pint of Coniston Bluebird somewhere in the Lake District? King’s Arms in Hawkshead after a ride around Claife and Grizedale perhaps.

    Although as a Lancastrian it pains me to admit it, as mentioned above a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord somewhere in Yorkshire is usually pretty hard to beat.

    (lol at the southerners thinking they have proper beer 😛 )

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