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  • Best PF30 GXP Bottom Bracket options? or whatever name it comes under
  • c_klein87

    This may have been covered before but…..My new race bike takes PF30 BB’s and I use Sram GXP cranks. What is the best (simplest option) to get a reliable BB? my sram PF30 lasted one muddy race at Brass Monkeys and now its trashed. I’d like the Hope PF bb, but i can’t work out whether it would fit my frame or not, evans sell one but is PF41 or something?

    never really had an issue with external BB’s myself…

    Hob Nob

    Are you sure it’s a GXP axle on the crank arms?

    BB30/PF30 kinda exists so you can run a crankset with a 30mm axle, rather than the standard Shimano HT2 24mm (or the normal SRAM GXP axle – 23.something). It would be odd to spec a bike with a PF30 BB & run cranks other than 30mm (assuming it’s the cranks the bike came with).

    If it is a 30mm axle, your choices are a bit limited. There are the Enduro/Wheels ones (what i’m running), which supposedly have good bearing life but the early ones supposedly creaked fair bit. E13 do a PF30 BB, which in principle is great, as the cups actually screw into each other, locking the whole thing in place. Screwing them into a frame though is not very pleasant. Sadly they have a bearing life that can be measured in minutes, and make the SRAM ones look reliable. Plus they use a unique to them sized bearing, so it’s impossible to replace just the bearings.

    If it were me, and you were happy to shell out for a new crankset, I’d run some normal Shimano cranks and a Praxxis Works BB for the most reliable, creak free setup. If my Enduro setup doesn’t prove to be reliable, that’s what i’ll do.

    I’m surprised no-one makes a decent PF30 BB yet, and also surprised why, considering the size of the bearings, they seem to fail so easily.


    by gxp i mean 24mm axle with sram spline on the end, so the usual axle with external type bottom brackets. the bike comes with shimano of the shelf, but i use x.0 cranks with spiderless works rings as its lighter

    Hob Nob

    I’d see if Praxxis works do a GXP adapter to the PF30 BB they do then – that seems to get the best reviews.

    Hope make a PF30 b/b also a Press fit GXP.


    I have the same problem…

    just bought a carbon covert with PF30 BB

    I have X0 GXP cranks which I run with works spiderless narrow wide chain ring.

    I purchased a ‘Problem solvers’ PF30 BB which was to let me run 24mm spindle with a metal spacer inside diameter of bearing.

    Problem is the play is pretty bad, i got it torqued up to 50nm, had it round the block today and its creaking like fack.

    On the drive side where the wave washer is, is isnt flush and the washer is free to move, the manual says no spacers are needed with sram only shimano so it never came with any but looks as though it could do with one….

    did you manage to get a fix for yours?

    Premier Icon trusty

    I’m running a sram adaptor which allows me to run a standard GPX bb and crank on a PF30 frame (specialized) as I’m also running a sram crank without the spider. It’s been in a few months and so far is creak free. Wasn’t expensive and came from Crc.

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