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  • Best Oakleys for cycling – frames & lenses? Very confused.
  • bigtimebones

    I have Half Jacket 2.0 XL with transitions and anti fog. Not sure if they are the “best” for cycling but certainly work for me.I believe the XL lens has slighty better coverage for cyclists.

    I used them for XC riding mainly but this weekend in conjunction with a full face for Bike Park Wales.

    They eliminate tears on fast downhills and never got any mud in my eyes on the wettest day ever yesterday.


    It depends. My favourites are still the Radars (or m-frames which are basically an old model) – eg wraparound type glasses – as I find they’re best for cycling but I also have jawbones (because they take the photochromic lenses that I use most of the time) and while they’re not my favourites, they work perfectly well.


    Fast Jackets = Same frames different lens sizes

    half jackets = same frames different lens sizes

    m frames = knocking on a bit now not as much choice

    radars/radarlocks = lots of styles/colours/lenses.

    racing jackets = see radars

    the radars and m frame arms are slightly longer than the others, so when you go try some pairs on take your helmet with you to make sure they fit ok

    Lenses? Personal choice so can’t comment

    Premier Icon njee20

    Radars for me, find them a lot better than M-Frames (still have an old pair), and personally they fit me better than Jawbones, which also tend to fog more for me.

    Fit, fit, fit.

    Then – Lens, lens, lens

    Then pick your colorway (sic!)

    They need to fit close to the face, but not too close, and have no pressure points around your head.

    FWIW, I ride in a variety, including Flak Jacket XLJs and Pro-M Frames, mostly (Haven’t gone to Radars, as I have too many M-lenses to make it worth the change)

    If you only buy one lens, make it a VR28. If you buy many….
    Persimmon – Low light loveliness
    Clear – Night and/or utter cruddy conditions
    VR28 – Best all rounder
    Black Iridium – Darkest. Great if you do big, wide open spaces riding in bright conditions, less great in the woods!
    Fire/Violet/Blue/Whatever Iridium – Pimp my sunnies! 8)


    If you only buy one lense, buy the photochromic clear/black iridium IMO… I’ve used mine for everything from night rides to blazing sun in Turkey. They’re maybe not quite dark enough to be perfect in really bright sun but close enough that never having to change lenses easily makes up for it. All IMO, of course…

    Premier Icon kcal

    Second on the fit. FWIW I have a couple of M frame Oakleys and several lenses, from a long way back. However they tend to be passed over in favour of my Tifosis, just a better fit, and more comfortable after a few hours riding.

    A good way cheaper too, and possibly more available in your LBS?


    I have Jawbones* and they do create a blindspot which is particularly annoying when looking behind for traffic on the roads.
    This is why a lot of cycling glasses have no frame along the bottom and sides of the lense.
    M-frames are painfully 90s.

    *might not be genuine Oakley, ssshhhhhh

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Is there such a thing as ‘best’?

    After trying a few pairs over the last month or so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair of posh sunnies – so many bloody designs & lenses though, it’s crazy.

    Do Fast Jacket & Fast Jacket XL share the same frame?
    Is just the lens sizes that are different?

    Same with the Half Jacket/Half Jacket XL?

    M Frames seem the cheapest – any reason to buy owt else?

    Very confused, all advice appreciated.

    Flak Jacket XLJ


    Just gone FlakJackets here. I’ve got a bit of a pin head and they seemed to fit me best. Others just felt huge.

    FWIW, I went for a grey polarised lens for sunny day, and a persimmon for darker days. Seemed like a good combination. There’s a fancy iPad oakley app that’s quite a good guide for picking lenses that might be worth a look.

    Got a custom one made up. Ordered on a Thursday, delivered on the following Tuesday, result!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner


    Firstly, thank you for all the advice.

    Bought a pair of these

    from for £97.00.

    It still hurts paying that much for a pair of sunglasses, but after receiving them and going for a quick spin today I’m surpised how much better they are than my Madison D’Arcs, despite appearing very similar at first glance.
    They fit perfectly, no blind spots, stay put and don’t seem to suffer from any kind of distortion.
    They are very comfy too.

    They still feel like a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses though!
    Don’t know why, but I was expecting something a bit more substantial.

    So, after nearly 40 years of riding I’ve finally got some decent eye protection.
    Bet you a fiver I leave them on the top of the car before Christmas. 😀

    Premier Icon FOG

    I went down the ‘proper’ eyewear route a few years ago and bought Adidas Evil Eyes which were excellent so when I lost them, I replaced them only for the next pair to self destruct in a leaving the bike incident. At this point I decided to never buy expensive sunnies again which has worked for me. I am sure they are not as good as fancy brands but the difference in price does not, for me , match the difference in quality. So, 3 quid Aldi specials rule.


    I do find my m-frames fog up easily though, so maybe look for vented.

    I use one of those anti-fog sprays and it does work if you put it on a while before the ride.


    I wear Half-Jackets with XLJ lenses (extra wide ones). Fit perfectly, and don’t seem to fog up too bad.

    A massive bonus is they also fit wearing my full-face lid. Their thin arms slide in and stay put!

    Premier Icon krixmeister

    @brakes: I have genuine Jawbones, and concur – great for MTBing, not great for commuting on the streets – a huge blind spot created by the frame.

    @TurnerGuy: I have several sets of vented and non-vented lenses for my Jawbones (see above) – and in Singapore’s humid weather they all fog up, even with vents. I’ve just put it down to maybe I have exceptionally hot and sweaty eyeballs.


    I’m surpised how much better they are than my Madison D’Arcs

    I’m not. The difference between good lenses and bad is astonishing.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve a set of clear-framed jawbones. Not genuine Oakley: I wanted something with replaceable vented lenses to cope with all conditions on a multi-day ride, so clear at night, mirrored in bright sunshine, yellow for everything else.
    Didn’t want the clear frame initially, but it was the only option that came with the lens combo i wanted, but with hindsight, i’m glad i did as I’ve never noticed any blind spots, and i think they’re less conspicuous to wear.

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