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  • mccett

    Friend of mine has 80C and 8OC on his and his wifes cars.

    Couple who race Huskies near here have DO57 EAM on their big van which with a very italicised plate says DOG TEAM. Inventive.

    Ooh and. Not on a car, but the light aircraft used at the skydiving/parachuting school my GF recently attended:


    Wonder how many that’s wasted on 🙂


    D34 NNC this morning – rearranged in a font/bolt-tastic way to read DEANNO


    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    This morning I overtook an Ibiza with the plate BA11 SAX


    Fantastic! 😀

    Saw an X5 in Banbury on Friday with N4KKA.

    Edit – and a 911 with XX51DXX

    Second edit – the 911 wasn’t in Banbury on Friday, it was on the M40 northbound a week or two back.

    Premier Icon mobes

    I used to own S1 5AYS wish I’d kept it 🙁

    I saw a good one in Newcastle a couple of years ago emblazened on a Merc SLK which read PO54 GET (Posh Get). I was quite impressed and found it quite apt.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Red modified Supra with number plate F18 OMB.

    Can remember years ago installing some financial software at Manchester Metro Uni and I heard a car pull up outside the window, a few floors below me. It was an awful Gold Nissan Skyline. Out popped a very smartly dressed asian fella about 4ft high he was, had a massive gold chain on his neck.

    The woman who I was sat next too said he was the IT lecturer and local pillock and was a bit of a chav. On the way out she said “oh by the way, check out his reg plate, I bet you’ve never seen one like it and I guarantee he’s never seen one!”

    The reg was M1 NGE and I agree, i doubt he had ever seen one. 😆

    I had a really dodgy plate back in 2003, it was cut around the numbers with an 11mm border and got me loads of attention by the Police…


    Around 10 years ago there used to be a Scooby running about on a Friday and Sat night around the local town with the plate P1 LLS. – must of been a doctor…………..

    Premier Icon nuke

    Just been cut up by an old Jag in Dorking with the number plate S4TAN 😐

    Premier Icon Farticus

    Mate’s dad has H20 DNA which is as tasteful as a private plate can get.


    NEV1S owned by the owner of Glen Nevis

    My wife has
    As in, “Baa Baa Black Jeep”,

    I have


    One for the massive? Glasgow again, Elmbank Car Park:

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Was overtaken while out riding yesterday by a HUGE red Corevette (Prince, you cocked that one up sunshine!) with the plate B19 VET

    Must be this thread that makes me notice them more


    Milf in a sporty merc H15LOS raised a smile.

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