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  • Best multitool to buy?
  • For bike tools, I just have a very basic Specialized one with hex keys – I prefer to carry a separate chain tool and tyre levers.

    I also carry a general multitool on longer rides – I find the pliers are the bit I use the most on it, followed by the screwdrivers and saw (trail clearance).

    The Gerber suspension is pretty good for these things. My only criticism of it is that it’s a bit on the lardy size and the lock on the knife blade has a little bit of play in it.

    The saw actually got me out of a sticky bind when I lost the keys for the cable lock on my bike. Miles from home, getting dark etc – managed to saw though a half inch steel cable in about 10 mins…. might be useful for trailside geometry mods to your frame!


    Needs to have a good solid chain splitter and some appropriate hex keys, not much else needed IMHO

    can’t go wrong with a topeak multi-tool – £15 from most places. has all the allen keys you might need, a couple screw drivers, tire leavers and a chain link remover.

    i carry that, a pair of pliers, spare inner tube, mini pump and most essientially cable ties!! that combo has fixed pretty much any problem i’ve enountered on the trail (so far)


    I’ve had my Crank Bro 17 for years (and years) never let me down, chain tools great & the only issue or niggle is how short the allen keys are (all mulitools of this shape are the same).
    This is not a huge disadvantage but worth mentioning


    OK, this one is a bit basic, but……

    The Park Tool Mt-1 is a must for me to carry with me on my rides.

    Its helped me out of many sticky situations & it feels wrong if its not with me on my ride 😉


    Had a few and still my fav are the Alien 2/3

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    +1 for CB17. On my second after losing my first one.
    Usually take a Leatherman Skeletool as well.


    Raleigh are supposed to be supply a tool exactly the same as the BBB one but without the rubberised coating for £15..

    You have to love Raleigh, they get a top marks (or as good as) in a magazine review and yet you can’t locate the tool on their site (or the net) for love nor money… muppets.


    Topeak super chain tool includes 5/6mm allen keys, probably only need one or two extra keys to do most stuff on the bike – find the ‘swiss army knife style’ multitools far too bulky and clumsy for most jobs

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    If I was in the market, I’d go with something like this:

    Substitute some allen bits for the Torx and away you go. Separate spoke key and, tyre levers, and some gaffer tape wrapped around your pump for any number of bodges. The Park mini chain tool is hard to beat, and has replaceable pins.

    Me? I carry an original Cool Tool and a few extra bits and bobs 😉


    What’s the most essential features of a multi tool..? I’m looking for a new one and would like some recommendations.

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    I bought one of these a few weeks ago:

    I haven’t had any need to use it yet but it seemed to have a fair amount of kit for a tenner.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    I don’t favour massive multi-function types.

    Small dinky allen keys w/torx (this is used most often)
    Park chain tool
    Tyre levers x2 (currently Bontrager)
    Spokey (never used out and about)
    Topeak pump

    8mm spanner when commuting for rattling mudguards

    Considered Leatherman types but NEVER needed pliers on the trail (until my next ride, obviously!…)

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