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  • jimc101

    Satmap Active 10 has OS maps, it’s a bit bigger than Garmins, and has it own quirks. Not cheap, but is a UK company.


    Could anyone comment on how good the Garmin 800 and Satmap Bike units are with 1:50 OS mapping, and if there are any other good options out there? Anyone know of one with 1:25000 OS mapping, or is 1:50000 enough?
    Main reason for using would be when I head off exploring, do people find there is enough detail on the maps to find bridleways and footpaths, and get back to your starting point or is a good old paper map still better?

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    Satmap has 1:25000 OS as well as 1:50000. The 1:25000 maps are quite expensive (but that’s true of any GPS, as the cost is mainly determined by OS licensing fees).

    I’ve had one for 4 years, and love it – more than enough detail for following rights of way, if that’s your thing (and it’s often mine). It’s the same detail as the paper OS maps.

    Having said that, I live on the Hants/Surrey border, so not exactly wilderness country (although I’ve used it happily in the Brecon Beacons). If you’re in mountains or moorland, where rights of way don’t necessarily correspond to discernible trails on the ground, a bit of navigational craft is a good idea whether you’ve got a GPS or paper maps.

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    I use a garmin Oregon on my bars, can’t remember which one now, either 550t or 450t.

    Bought it for outdoorsy use so when I got the bike I bought the bike mount for it. You can easily use it as a navigation tool when riding, I have the 1:50k maps in it and there is plenty of detail, 1:25k would be even better but I haven’t found it to be a problem yet.

    If I’m genuinely out for a long trip, like wild camping on foot, then I always have a paper copy as back up. For short trips where I know my exit route automatically then I use it on its own


    Have a search for my “homemade gps with mapping”

    Bargainlicious and works a treat!


    Garmin Oregon 450 here too! Decent size screen but not too big, it runs on AA (use rechargeable 2800 Mah for best battery consumption) The advantage is you can carry spares so your safe in the wilderness and it’s fully waterproof and a handlebar mount is available. The touchscreen can be used with stylus or gloved fingers! FTW! HTH

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