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  • Best mouse trap
  • nickjb

    For actually catching mice rather than the game or play. We have plenty of cats around but all they do is **** in the garden. Put down 4 of the classic wooden traps last night. This morning they are all cleaned of bait but unsprung. Mice 4, me 0


    Always had success with the classic wooden ones, use peanut butter – it sticks more and they have to work harder to get it off.

    Premier Icon Dobbo

    Adjust them up a bit, bend the metal hoop the wire catch goes in so it’s just about to go. Plus what LHS, use says something that stick to the bait spike.


    The best way to deal with them is the sealed poison boxes like these (hence safe for pets and kids) which contain an anti coagulant, when they run off and die the bodies are so small you don’t get the stink associated with rats or squirrels.

    You might have some success with traps but it is so hit and miss, poison is much more effective. That aside sticky boards are the most effective way to trap, place them in areas of rodent traffic overnight (mice run along walls as they navigate by touch rather than sight). If you do catch them on the boards though disposal is not for the squeamish as they will be alive and it will be your job to send them to their mousy graves.

    Good friend of mine runs a pest control business hence the knowledge.


    4 for 6 quid out of screw fix , ordered little nippers , got some metal contraptions.

    turned out i had A mouse – it was pooping for 3 surely but its dead now.

    i used aldis finest cereal bar on my trap to bait it.

    also stuck perforated shroud on the inside of the air bricks to ensure no return via that route.


    Make sure it is a mouse trap and not a rat trap, mice are not as heavy as rats and don’t set it off. Been there and done that, I fed our visiting mouse for about a week before I bit the bullet and got a decent mouse trap.

    This actually works very well – cleared my Dad’s infestation in less than a week – just remember to dump captured mice far away, or you’ll find the same ones in bucket morning after morning…

    The idea is, that the card pops back up after a mouse falls into the bucket. Most days there were about a dozen mice all sitting in the bottom!

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I find one of these quite effective. If you lurk around until one pokes its head out give it a quick blast and they die pretty quick:


    Danny B

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    the original and best IMO

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    As others have said you need to set the trap carefully (mind your fingers too) so it takes little to spring it.

    That said, I only use traps for the satisfaction of getting a few of the buggers that got at my fig rolls. Poison is the way to get rid of them all.


    Traditional wooden jobbie plus chocolate cake =

    Job done!



    In my experience the poison does work but it takes quite a long time for them to die of it, and they seem to really enjoy the taste.

    They also do smell when dead.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    That must be a massive bucket if it is going to catch a ‘Moose’ 😯

    Seriously though, wouldn’t it be more sensible to put water in the bucket?

    I’ve found these to be brutally effective

    Location of trap is more important than quality of bait imo


    You really need to be addressing the real problem.

    Cats who don’t catch mice have no use

    Put something that cats like in the back like stolen food or human souls.


    they really really smell when dead .

    don’t use the plastic humane trap I had to chase a mouse into it and then shake it to make it work .


    So far its Wilko 7 Mice 0 with these:

    Each time with a big lump of Dairy Milk wedged into the little food hole.

    EDIT : Tried poison, it worked, sort of. The mice had a nest under the house with a little ‘Tom and Jerry’ hole in my skirting board that they retreated under after they’d had the poison. A week or so later the smell of rotting mouse coming up was sickening

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Borrowed my son’s Staffy.

    End of mouse problem.

    B and Q prebaited traps, couple of quid each, great job.


    i have been using the traditional wooden little nippers and they work really well but can be a pain to set, wilko are the rentokil ones easy to set? franksinatra, which ones are those? i was gonna try some humane ones like this humane mouse trap


    Rotary, I find them easy to set. Put in the chocolate, put the trap in position, push down on the metal setting arm until it clicks. Really straightforward, and the setting bit can be done one-handed so you can have your other hand well clear of the snapper! I think you can get them on Amazon actually for about £4.50 a pair

    Sticky traps work best lay them down behind the fridge or whatever run they take and hey presto stuck mouse. You can then feed them to the cat/children* etc and recoup the cost of the trap.

    *this may involve covering the mice in sugar first as kids love sugar mice apparently.
    NB – This method means you may actually have to kill them yourself…

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Used a humane mouse trap somewhat like this. Then took them on the school run and when the school wouldn’t let them in left them in a local beauty spot 8 miles from home.

    Then bought a cat.

    Since then become an expert in identifying small dead rodents.


    Humane trap worked here as well. Peanut butter as bait. Let the critter out miles away from phone, near my office. Pointless really, I know..


    We only caught 1 mouse in a little nipper trap, but we caught 4 in a humane trap using Nutella as bait. The pest control man told me that they learn to avoid snappy traps.

    Proof the traditional works:

    They can be devious though…….

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