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  • I stopped reading MBUK when I realised I no longer get phat air. Since then I’ve been getting MBR on the tesco clubcard rewards. Getting a bit board of it. Plus it takes me 3 months to find the time to read one copy so it’s a bit pointless having a yearly subscription. Mind you, they were offering a free camelback mule with a years subs. Seemed like a good deal. Never bought singletrack or privateer but think I’ll give them a go.


    Ride Journal reads like a collection of anecdotes by people who aren’t necessarily very good writers. Most of the articles leave me very slightly bewildered – they ramble.

    Singletrack is pretty much the only mag I read now. I was peeved when the American chap stopped writing for them though – I got the impression he was an excellent creative writer who just happened to be a cyclist too. Loved his article about getting caught drink-driving and being forced to cycle everywhere – it was just very well written and entertaining, as were his shorter pieces in the mag.

    Does anyone else remember Encycle-opedia? (sp?!). It was like Ride Journal but done in ’80s cheese flavour…

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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