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  • Best LBS around Cirencester way?
  • Friend looking to buy a bike, not a bike nut, so needs good advice/service re a gravel (probably) pootler.

    Thanks in advance, folks.

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    If 15ish miles counts as local then would be worth popping in to Cheltenham Cycles.


    20 minutes in other direction – Marlborough Bike Company. Friendly bunch and fit the LBS mould – think Giant and Whyte among brands they keep.

    SB its 20miles but thats only if your splitting hairs excellent shop Treks or Genesis they know there stuff in there.


    For Specialized / Orbea he could try in Brimscombe, Stroud, 10 miles from Ciren.

    Ciren has two funky bike shops:


    both of which should see them right.

    In Durzle there is:

    All good shops.

    Premier Icon neila

    Delta Bikes is my LBS and the team are great, highly recommended though hugely busy at the moment. I’ve used Ride 24/7 in Ciren quite a bit and my wife got her Wilier there, always very helpful. Independent have a good selection and used to be a Rondo dealer, seem to specialise in custom builds.

    Premier Icon IHN

    Jim in Independent Bikeworks is a top guy, highly recommended.


    Jim at Independent recommended here too, great service over many years


    Not sure how far, but Graham at Slam 69 would be my first choice.


    Independent Bikeworks in Cirencester itself

    Performance Cycles out at Poulton (just a few minutes drive)

    Thanks, all.

    Turns out he’s already been to 24/7, with good advice, will suggest the others for consideration. Much appreciated, folks.

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