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  • Best knee pads?
  • Ive got some 661 Kyle Straits in medium that I don’t use. Any good to you?


    Those Fox pads are good but the stitching is coming out of mine after two summer seasons use.
    See this recent thread for other suggestions


    I have some one ride old MT500s I keep meaning to put up for sale, if in M/L if that floats your boat (I don’t ride ganr enough to justify them)


    I have some large G Form knee pads in black for sale – unused. I bought a pair of L and XL for my alps trip; the XL fitted best and I never got around to returning the L ones.

    G Form Pads


    Umm without being rude to Bamboo, I love my G-form pads & use them all the time in the UK for general messing or all day riding, but I’d want a more protection/hard shell for use in the Alps (or AM spanish stuff)


    Scott grenades are awesome, way better than the old 661 evo’s they replaced


    They’re really good pads. Comfy and last well if looked after (like all kit). Had a big off on mine earlier his year on a fast rocky descent and only managed to put a small tear in the fabric covering the plastic. No injury to my knees at all


    Can’t find 661 Rage pads anywhere in medium.

    So, looking at these, good?

    Or any other recommendations to keep my knees scrape free in Spain. Ta.

    10 seconds on Google shows 661 Rage in Stock in all sizes at UBYK


    Sorry, not wanting sweaty second hand. Jeez, been searching through google all weekend and nowhere had them in medium! Probably gonna do the Fox’s though. Ta for the info.


    Love my Fox Launch Pro’s. Had them for over a year & still look good. Just make sure you fix the velcro in place before you wash them.

    Excellent protection, comfy enough for longer rides (did a 6hr two weeks ago in mine) & are fairly discrete under my black Fox Sergeant shorts too. Can’t go wrong IMO.

    I’ve got the nukeproof ones. They seem pretty good, i.e. no slippage, comfortable on all day rides, don’t stink too much.

    Seen a couple of falls and they seem to be bearing up well.

    AFAIK they’re the same design as the old kyle straits. I say AFAIK, i mean, I read on the interwebs so it must be true.

    mr plow

    Fox launch pros – I cut the back out of them to make them even more comfy. Really nice and have protected me well. The protection goes a little higher up and around compare to kyle staits which i had before and got on well with. Ideal for when you go over the bars and get caught up in the bike… 😆

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    Spent four days hooning around the Alps in Fox Launch Pro pads. I tried quite a few different brands for size prior to getting them and they felt the most comfortable. Didn’t let me down either, would recommend them without hesitation


    I had the Fox ones you have pictured and while they were good with decent ventilation they were noticable on longer rides with some bunching behind the knees which became annoying, sold them and bought the new raceface ambush ones which are better in my opinion also can be put on and taken off without removing shoes which is good for varied terrain where there are long climbs mid trail.


    The Fox ones are good but nipped the backs of my knees a tad, so I went for the Nukeproofs, which have been excellent.

    I’ve got 661 Kyle Strait’s, they are horrible.

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