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  • Best keto/low carb flat bread/wrap recipe
  • stayhigh
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    Morning All,

    Having tried a few different recipes without a great deal of success, I thought I’d see if anyone has any proven recipes or useful tips for making simple keto/low carb flat breads or wraps.

    THIS was the most recent attempt, swapping psyllium husk for ground flaxseeds. The dough was too wet to begin with so more flax seed added to thicken it up. When cooking however they didn’t stay formed and fell apart when turning. Tried the on different temperatures and cooking times but the results were consistently poor.

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    have you tried gram flour?

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    Gram flour is lower-carb and less insulinogenic, but still has way too many carbs for keto. You’ll need to use coconut or almond flour, with egg (whites) to bind. IME they can be tasty but more like cakes than bread, and very calorific! I think everyone who tries keto goes through this stage, before accepting that it’s just easier to cut out bread 😀

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    Low carb flat bread ain’t gonna happen.

    Just gotta embrace the veggies.

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    useful tips for making simple keto/low carb flat breads or wraps.

    My tip is don’t bother. They are all rubbish, especially gram flour ones (and this coming from someone who loves chickpeas).

    We like bread because it’s made with things that make good bread. If you make it out of things that don’t make good bread it’ll be crap. The trick is to make things that aren’t based on bread to begin with.

    This does mean more actual cooking though, but it can be managed. What I often do is make extra veg the night before and chop them up with leftover meat and fry it all up with some hot sauce or barbecue sauce, sometimes add a bit of cheese. If you can take it to work at heat it up then it’s also pretty convenient. I’ll accept that the biggest issue is if you can’t heat stuff at work.

    The exception to the above rule I think is pasta – there are so many delicious pasta sauces that it’s a big loss if you can’t eat them. So I sub butter beans for pasta in a tomato basil type sauce, or I just coat chicken breasts in it then eat with seasoned lentils or roasted sweet potato chunks or something.

    EDIT I am talking very low GI or low carb mind, not actual keto. For keto it’s basically this:

    Just gotta embrace the veggies.

    A surprising variety of veggies can be made delicious cooked then fried up with cheese, or baked in cheese sauce with a bit of mustard. Mmm. Roast cauli and broccoli, then cover in cheese sauce shredded proscuitto and some chopped almonds then grilled for a bit. MMM.

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    Yeh just to +1 I’m my experience with low carb/keto in the past it was just better to forget about replacing bread.

    When I was lower carb not LC/keto I did have oatcakes from time to time as a nice thing to have pate, tuna, egg mayo, cheese on.

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