Best improvised use of a multitool.

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  • Best improvised use of a multitool.
  • Went for a ride round the Wyre Forest on Sunday and stopped for a drink at the Duke William before going home.
    We sat outside in the garden at a table and benches and it started to rain.
    Our table had no umbrella, but there was one lying on the floor nearby.
    Someone commented that it was probably there because it was broken and, sure enough, the pin to hold it in the up position was missing.

    Multitool to the rescue.

    Premier Icon AlasdairMc

    I used the pin from the chaintool on my Kooltool as a replacement for the lower leg bolt on my Pikes a few weeks back. Unsure where it disappeared to, it just went walkies one day.

    my mate once used mine to wire up my room (8 double sockets, light switch, phone line, antena) as i didnt have x head screwdriver other than that (dont think that counts)

    he said it took him at least an extra hour and half because of it being sh1t

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    A friend's upstairs neighbour was bleeding a radiator and unscrewed the bleed bit so hot water was jetting everywhere.
    Used the spoke key on my multitool to turn the radiator off, and then went for a ride!


    spotted a dude at the bikewash area of llandegla last year who had lost the bolt on which his brake lever pivoted on. he'd popped one of the screwdriver/alan keys through the hole and zip tied the rest of the tool to the top of the main brake body and carried on with a fully functioning brake. impressive stuff.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    mine is great for scraping wax out of my ear 😉

    I saw my pal Duncan replace a popped-out chain rivet (how the F they found it is another story) by holing it with the needle-nose pliers and whacking it with a rock.

    I was ready to start walking.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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