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  • best gear set up? 2×9, 2×10,etc
  • jonyb

    i fancy a change. what would be the ideal gear set up for a 2x set up.
    either in 9 or 10 speed.
    or should i just stick with 3×9?
    mainly xc riding in pennines and few trail centres.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    What do you have? Assume only 9 speed kit.
    If you want to give it a go then try 2×9 with a new 36t ring and bash/chain guide.

    2×10 gives you more range but 2×9 has done me well for me for the last few years


    drive train needs replacing anyway. using standard off the shelf 3×9 crankset.
    would i need a chain guide if i was to use the medium cage xt rear mech?
    could i use 3×9 shifters for 2×9 set up.?
    thanks for replying


    Why not get a new chainset if you are replacing it anyway instead of using a 3×9 or 3×10 and taking a ring off. You still have the problem of cross chaining with those


    single speed.
    save the weight. save the hassle. If its a 26, running 36×18 will let you do everything 🙂
    Or failing that, why not run a 1×10. A 34 upfront (avec bash) with standard cassette at the back will do all!

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Rohloff 😉


    There is no “best” for over 12s.

    What are you trying to achieve?

    Premier Icon Simon

    Do you catch your big ring on rocks ‘n stuff?
    Are you worried about your big ring sticking in your leg when you crash?
    Do you lose your chain on rough descents?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, lose the big ring and go 2×9. Otherwise carry on as you are………..

    Premier Icon leo72

    Depends on the bike and purpose. I like 2×9 with 36/22 x 11-34 on my Cotic Soul. The 36 x 11 gives enough speed on the way to the trails. 36 x 34 is most times perfect for technical climbs, with a chance to drop to granny when it steepens up.

    On my other XC/AM bike, SC Bullit, I have 32/22 x 11-32. It works as good on the same trails. Heavier bike = needs a smaller middle ring.

    Lost the 44 big ring back in 2004 and not been missing it since. 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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