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  • argee

    I’m having a bit of a ‘mare at the moment trying to get a set that work well in the current conditions, i.e. wet and a bit muddy. Now i had Maxxis Medusa front and rear after the heavy rain, but it was a bit of overkill for areas like FoD, so changed the front to a Maxxis Advantage, but that wasn’t the greatest in wet conditions, so looking at what to try up front, is it better to go for a mud tyre like a medusa, storm, etc or an all rounder?

    I should add the reason it’s been a ‘mare isn’t due to the riding bit, it’s been tyre widths, i bought a Hans Dampf, but it was just a little too big for the front (in a SID RL), and i just bought a Maxxis Beaver 2.0, but it certainly doesn’t come up to 2″, more like 1.8″, so i’m guessing it’ll do well in mud, but corner a bit crap.

    So, is there any option up front at around 2″ to 2.2″ that will do the job in mud and wet?


    HR ST 2.35 in any conditions, any time of year, anywhere.


    Try the Medusa up front and something faster rolling on the back


    I always just ensure I have more grip (especially rail grip) on the front tyre. Feels more predictable and balanced. Been having quite a bit of fun with a mountain king front and a storm rear, very drifty but fantastic when using as a drive tyre in crap conditions.

    Storm on the front was terrifying on roots!
    If it isn’t goo, normal trail tyres will do!


    2.35 would be too big, so high rollers would be out of the question.

    I might go back to using the advantage up front, as you say, mud tyres on roots and slippy rocks aren’t the greatest mix, maybe it’s a case of just going for the best out of a limited choice, just a shame the hans dampf was a little too wide, as it seems to get good reviews.

    Premier Icon Simon

    2.35 Minions and old style High Rollers are not really 2.35,
    they measure up smaller.

    b r

    Minion DHF 2.35 single ply.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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