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  • RealMan

    I'm actually using a pair of flat pedals on a commuting bike I have, and they have been great. Really nice grip for what I do on it, and good, solid feel. I dont know how much they weigh, but they did only cost a tenner from LBS. Theyre diamondback ones.

    Just saying because if youre only using them to practice stuff in your back garden, any old pair should do the job reasonably well.


    If it is only for messing about in your garden, does weight matter?

    I like Wellgo Mag1's because they are light and cheap, but they aren't that big.

    Kona's are big. And grippy too.


    realman – I have the same flatties on my commuter, a bargain and not bad performers.

    I have Shimano DX's on my Five, which are amazing and last forever. Make sure you put the long pins on them one you get them. then fit – and forget! mine are 4years old – have never been serviced and still work as new, other than the pins i've destroyed on various granite lumps, they're perfect!

    my wellgo mags have been very good for the last 18 months – and i have big feet.

    Premier Icon Jon Hood

    After failing off numerous times at the Singletrack weekender, decided its time i learned how to ride a bike properly. Therefore i'm going to practice wheelies, manuals, track stands, endos and other such heroic feats (to me) in the security of the soft play that is my back garden, away from prying eyes and sharp cutty bleedy stones.

    So whats the best flat pedals for a fat footed Mountain bike mong

    Thinking light but big platform and not a million pounds


    Premier Icon Jon Hood

    cheers -want something light as you never know i may get to like the feel of flatties

    Cheers for teh pointers


    I have huge feet and am loving my Straitlines….

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    If you're only buying them as an experiment, and want to learn to ride without giving your shins too much grief, you can get pretty grippy moulded plastic pedals for buttons these days. All the BMX kiddies seem to be running them, and the Gusset ones are a tenner at CRC.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Kona Jack Sh*t, big and grippy


    Dont bother with plastic flat pedals, they are useless for mtbing, and wet conditions. They work for bmx because you dont actually need or want that much grip.

    DMR V8 or Wellgo copies are good and cheap but if you want something nice and big and grippy for not loads of money, get the Superstar Nanotech (i think thats what their called) pedals. I got them after my Eastons fell apart and their just as grippy but alot cheaper (think they were about £36)

    They a still nice and smooth after 7 months of use although they have a fair few scuffs and scrapes on them. They are also pretty light too

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Sorry – have to disagree that BMXers don't want or need that much grip – if anything they need more as the grip is key in controlling the bike. The difference is MTB have wet conditions to consider where as BMX don't but I don't see that that makes much difference as grip is still key.

    I personally run DMR v8s on my BMX and my MTB. The type of shoe makes a big difference too although I'd got for some cheap vans or similar rather than 5-10s unless I'm doing full on DH as if you can learn stuff with less grip you'll do better in the long run.

    BTW – The plastic pedals don't seem to last that long, I know a fair amount of people who have snapped them from landing hard, but depends how you roll with them really. Worth it if you are just messing around learning track stands, manuals etc.

    Good luck – well worth learning skills to help your overall riding. I still mince about but love being able to mince much better than before.


    Second the Wellgo MG1's, the platform is slightly bigger than DMR or Shimano DX30 which I used to use.

    Show choice though – that's going to cause all sorts of issues here ! I use 5:10's, Nike Whistlers, Shimano DX & Shimano MP90 depending on riding style and weather. The Nikes and the MP90 allow a bit more movement of the foot on the pedal which is probably ideal.
    Personally I discount 'cheap skate/BMX' shoes like vans as they are never water resistant and allow too much foot flex for my liking, clawing the pedals gives me cramp.
    It's a very personal thing so you'll maybe have to try a few combinations.


    The number of pedal strikes I get out mountain biking, I'd be concerned about the longevity of plastic pedals.

    I have DMR V8s on my hard tail, V12 mags on my posh bike.

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