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  • What is the best grippiest flat pedal out there? I have quite big feet (size 10/11 if that makes a difference).

    So far I am considering the following so any view on these would be great:

    Specialized ‘Lo Pro Mag 2 Platform Pedals’

    Crank Brothers 5050xx

    DMR V12s




    You should have Easton Flatboys on your list

    my faves


    I find DMR pedals slip with my shoes due to their thick pins. Shimano DX stay glued though.


    have a look at nc17 sudpin, by far the best i’ve used.


    Can i be the first to reccomend Wellgo MG-1 , light, fairly cheap and highly reccomended by many.


    Wellgo MG1

    Have you got 5 10 shoes on your feet though?

    Azonic A-Frames


    Not 5050s, they’re shocking once you’ve banged them a few times, and useless in the mud.

    Kona jackshits or any of the similar ones (all re-badged wellgos) are decent, very similar to the NC17s recomended above. DMRs are good if you’ve got small feet so no good for you.

    Best thing I can recomend is to get some 5:10 shoes or (no where near as good, but better than anything else) some old gum rubber soled Vans.


    MG1’s off of ebay for less than £20. Can’t be beaten.

    I will be getting some 5 10 shoes. According to their website the 2009 ones are not out yet. But I will be definitely getting some. So which pedals with these? I have crossed out the 50 50s and the V12s off now thanks to your advice, so any ideas on the Specialized ones? I will check out the others ones. Cheers chaps.


    MG-1’s with Ti axle


    You should look at Shimano AM40, MP56 or MP90 shoes, too.
    5-10s are overpriced IMO

    which is mtb pedal size?


    mate of mine has the Specialized ones and really rates them – grippy, nice low profile, lots of pins
    they don’t look the greatest – like they were made in a school vaccuum-former

    fwiw, my 5:10’s are playing second fiddle to shimano’s new AM40 Vibram soled shoe.
    although the Vibram sole is plasticky compared to the 5:10’s, the tread design and the tight waffle pattern provides better ‘grip’ than the polka dot 5:10 design, and if you are a seasoned flat user, then you’ll appreciate the Shimano design better 😀
    used with a proper flat pedal such as a Flatboy, with outboard pins, I like this combo the best so far….and Flatboys are proper wide for big footed riders



    Burgtec penthouse if you can afford them.
    5-10 shoes all the way.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Having asked almost the same question a few weeks ago…

    Wellgo MG1’s

    unless you’re minted that is.

    They weigh far less than the look like the should too.

    happysv – i’m an old school 5:10 user and the shimano provide better grip, if less compliance….
    they also ship with a stiffer sole support – a flaw with 5:10’s being less stiff underfoot than needed for any distance work.


    5 10s maybe a little more expensive but they are significantly better than the competition. For the price difference its easily justifiable. Most flat pedal riders will use 5 10s, the stealth rubber grips like a limpet and you actually need to lift your foot off the pedal to move it.

    Once you’ve got 5 10s, your pedal choice is pretty much down to quality, price and how replaceable the pins are.

    You’ll see three types of pins – ones that screw in from the back using an allen key (Burgtec, Atom Lab, NC17 etc), ones that screw in from the top also using an allen key into the top of the pin (Shimano DX, Easton Flat Boy & Cully, DMR etc) and ones that screw in from the top using a hexagonol nut at the base of the pin (Straightline).

    The problem with pins that have the allen key in their top, is that as soon as you smash your pedal on a rock, you ruin the hex and getting the pins out is a pain or in some cases impossible. If you get ones that screw in from the back, you can always hacksaw off the bent bit before removing them.

    IMO the best pins are the ones that screw in from the top using a hexagonal wrench as these present the least amount of fuss. Having said that, the pins in my Burgtecs are still in perfect order 2 years down the line even though they’ve been smashed to ****. The Burgtecs are seriously expensive though.


    NC17’s, sudpin3’s.


    Wellgo MG1’s in pimpy pearly white!

    Minish Man

    I recently replaced my specialized Mag IIs with some clipless pedals. They look kind of wierd next to the usual flatties (DMR type) because they are so flat and it’s less of a skeletal structure like DMRs, more just a blob of magensium with pins in.

    Feet always stayed pretty glued to them, but magnesium is pretty soft and mine have generally come off quite badly with “meetings” with rocks 😆

    I’d probably just go for some normal steel things like DMRs now…


    Kona Wah Wahs. Great for big feet! Nice slim profile too. Had wellgo MG1’s before them which were good, but personally i think these are much better due to the larger and more supportive platform. They also a nice concave to them. Paired with 5:10’s they’re excellent.

    Straitlines and a pair of 5:10’s – no contest.

    Kiss goodbye to lateral pedal slippage.


    I’ve got size 11 feet. I’m using some DMR V8’s with terror pins and my feet never come off (can actually be a pain in the arse trying to moving them if you put them on the pedal in a slightly wrong position). It’s true that the v8/v12 pedals are a tad on the small size but I have no problems with them now that I’m used to it. One downside to the terror pins is that if your shoes have fairly thin soles then they do start to hurt your feet after quite a long time into a ride!


    Avoid Crank Brothers 50/50. They rattle, fall apart and are not very grippy.

    These are what you want

    OK, they’re a bit pricey, but they’re grippy as hell, quite light, very thin profile, work really well with big feet, really well made and look very pimp, but best of all is that you can service the pair in less than 10 mins using just a single flat bladed screwdriver!


    Anyone used anything like the Crank Brothers Mallet – a full size flat pedal with a spd thing as well?


    My straitlines are going back. One pedal seized after limited use. Dismantled and reassembled but same happened. Shame as phenomenal grip.


    atomblab aircorp.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Another Easton Flatboy vote here. They’re big, heavy and quite expensive, but they are absolutely bombproof and grip like a grippy thing, on a grippy day!

    I still use a pair of Vans with a natural gum rubber waffle sole myself, on the Easton Flatboys I’ve never found I’ve needed a grippier shoe such as a 5:10. Most other flat pedals I have used though I have found very slippy by comparison.

    FWIW I’m a size 10. Flatboys are definitely quite a big pedal and provide plenty of support for larger footed riders I’d say.

    Mind you, for £20 those Wellgo MG1’s might be worth a look in potentially. Guarantee they won’t last as long as Easton’s (I’ve had mine for years, smashed them into all sorts of things including massive rocks in the Alps etc. they just shrug it off!), but I’ve heard they’re grippy though.


    kona wah wah pedals – great name & great pedal at about £45

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Shimano DX bearings are super smooth. The M3 pins are a little fragile but you can easily tap them out to M4 once you mash the originals.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Straitlines are ace. They use bushings, which means they do need some TLC from time to time and don’t spin as freely as pedals with bearings, but they are very grippy (the new ones with the hexagonal pins are obscenely grippy) and reliable.

    I had some Specialized Lo-Pros and while they’re a good pedal in some respects (light weight, low profile and pins screw in from the back) they are only held together by a single nut. This can cause problems – some people have found theirs fell apart randomly and in my case, a bearing seized and drilled out the inside of the pedal.

    I’ve also used Mallets in the past and they were pretty dreadful. Mine were heavy, temperamental to clip into, slippery when not clipped in, poor bearing life and one of the axles snapped. The new ones with the grub screws might be better though.

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER

    Anyone tried the NC-17 MG II Ti S-Pro’s? They look seriously light (296g) compared to my Flatboys which have been superb but weigh 572g.


    £130 from CRC! Damn, that better be a good pedal…

    Dusty Lilac

    Quote ‘Avoid Crank Brothers 50/50. They rattle, fall apart and are not very grippy.’ Unquote

    I’m a big fan of 50:50s – go for the XX as the bearings are better and there’s a grease port. Make sure you locktite the allen bolts that hold the plates on and they shouldn’t rattle, use proper grub screws rather than pins and remember that for ultimate grip less is more. I only use 7 screws per side, 3 front, 3 rear, 1 at the side.

    Funn Soljam Vipers
    big, very grippy, not too heavy. DMR v6’s aint a patch on them – I have both. Although do not underestimate the shoe you use! I’ve got the new shimano white disco gutties and they make a big difference over th old dx shoes.


    Kona WahWahs here.

    Like ’em lots.

    ooh meant to say – the shimano am’s appeared to be better all round riding shoe than the 5:10’s thats why I went for them. the 5:10’s looked like they’d get wet quick and stay that way…
    just my reason for not getting them – may be wrong

    V8’s d’oh

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