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  • Best Energy Trail Bars… Help, I nearly bonked today!
  • Premier Icon Paceman

    What d’you recommend to keep the carbs stocked up on a 4-5 hour ride? or longer for Enduro’s this summer?

    My details: 80kg weight, 36 yrs old, good level of fitness for this time of year!

    Currently just using supermarket cereal bars but they definately weren’t up to the job today!

    Premier Icon judderman

    Torq bars.


    I tend to use muti grain bars either the raisin or the oat ones…other than that have made some energy bars from a cycling mag that are good.


    Nature Valley Granola Bars/Soreen Malt Loaf/Bananas usually covers all bases.


    If I have a few peanut butter sandwiches and Lidl muesli bars it’s never my energy level that’s the problem.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Torq bars, definitely.


    I use Clif bars which seem to fill the gap nicely and taste nice also which is an added bonus.


    don’t think that there is really a massive difference between supermarket and energy bars. you just need to put more in more often. energy drink can help as you can sip it along side water/ eating.

    psp22 and clif bars – cool mint chocolate flavour


    Clif taste like arse

    nutrigrain are definately the way forward!

    its all about the blueberry!

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    Soreen Go! bars have powered me up many a hill before when I thought I was too knackered.

    8p value jelly cubes for an instant hit 🙂

    made up my own “energy” bars for years, just think of unhelathy stuff, and bake it, current favourites are;

    millionaires shortcake
    rice crispy cakes (make marshmellow ones with coco-pops, marshmellow then melt a 300g block of chocolate on top 🙂 )

    I’m all over Mule bars at the moment. Great flavours, very tasty, good energy content/release and straight outa Wiltshire across the road from my fave brewery. What’s not to like?


    Clif and Mule bars are both excellent and very palatable.

    The Clif bar flavours actually taste how you think they will. So if you like Peanut Butter you will like the Peanut Butter clif bars. Same goes for all other flavours.
    Mule bars are pretty good too. My bite of the Chocolate Fig Mud I wasn’t keen, but I soon developed a taste for them.

    Tried loads of others like Torq, High5, Powerbar & SIS. None of them taste as good as Clif or Mule bars.


    i use kellogs nutri-grain elevenses…

    anything that has a reasonably high complex carb (carbs but not sugar) should do the job – fig rolls are also good

    jelly babies are good emergency supplies

    for some reason paying up to £2 for a specific energy bar seems too much.

    all you need is torq, the powders are brilliant the bars are tasty and the gels make you ride for years… yes i suppose i am a bit of a fan 😛

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