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  • Best deal on 160mm fork ?
  • Premier Icon jeb


    I am looking for a 160mm fork for a Pivot mach 6 build…

    Things that would be nice:

    I’m personally a fan of suspension that has a buttery smooth and supple initial stroke but offers strong support and an aggressive ramp towards full travel. -so some kind of a platform…

    Something a ok skilled home mechanic can work on

    Not too heavy on maintenance…

    i found this …


    but is the fox a better buy.. ?


    Thanks !


    You’re looking at top spec forks from the main two manufacturers. They’re both capable options. They are both adjustable. You can adjust them both to feel godawful. You can adjust them both to hit the sweet spot. A single criticism of the RockShox is that it has a very light high speed compression tune so if you are a heavier rider it might not have the range of adjustment you need.

    The “rampiness” you think you’re after is not a characteristic I would ever aim for, but each to their own. You can stick spacers in either fork and get ramp. If you have a rampy spring that you soften, you will not have support. If you have too few spacers, you will not get a buttery feel off the top.

    The compression tune is the way to use your travel efficiently – the Fox will have more range of adjustment in the compression tune. If you’re not too heavy, the Rockshox has a smaller range of adjustment that is more user-friendly. FWIW at 80kg, my preference is the RockShox because it is easy for me to set and forget.

    Lastly, other brands do exist. If you really think your needs (buttah, support, ramp) are in any way special you should maybe research other brands’ unique selling points.

    Premier Icon jamesoz

    Currently looking myself, I’d be looking at warranty support from those online shops. It may be an issue also parts availablity, I like that SRAM are very open with servicing with good parts supply which may come in handy if the cheap online stores are less than helpfull.

    Premier Icon jeb

    Good point about the set and forget, i don’t mind doing research, but then tend to leave it when adjusted. And also sram should provide spares widely, and maybe the tuning shop will make upgrades over top. So leaning towards the Lyrik so far.

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    MRP Ribbon Coil?
    Suppleness & midstroke of a coil and has ramp control for the end stroke.

    Premier Icon sv

    Manitou Mattoc on CRC. Older version can be upgraded with the IRT cart.

    Premier Icon jamesoz

    I would have agreed about the Mattoc from CRC, great fork but CRC Warranty is shit, they don’t have any stock anyway.


    In the last 2 years had a Fox 34, then a RS Yari RC, then upgraded the Yari internals to Lyric spec, then my current Fox 36 Rythms.

    The Lyric is a little smoother and easier to disassemble at home. Mid stroke support is worse, so you need to play more with tokens and pressure. Also, the hive interface is made for torque caps, so if you don’t have those installing the wheel is not as convenient.

    The 36 stiffer (I weight 100kg without gear, can notice that), the finish is more hard wearing and the knobs much higher quality (the rebound one has a cap, great idea). On very step sections the fork also stays higher in the travel which is nice.
    In any case, they are both great forks

    If you are looking for the very best deal I’d get a Yari RC on sale together with a Charger damper and a Debonair shaft (also can be found on discount)

    Premier Icon jeb

    Thanks for all the replies…. nice..

    zezaskar, thank you very much for your offer, but i am leaning towards a lyrik 2020 ultimate.

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