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  • Best customer service? Lets big some people up eh?
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    Recently Clee cycles and Woolly hat shop have been FANTASTIC.


    Wooly Hat Shop for me. Great prices and come next day every time with free delivery.

    18 Bikes, I live in Sheffield but they are my LBS of choice.

    Set up my tubeless flows when I couldn’t get them seated.

    JE James for price matching what was a massive saving for me.


    I’ve dealt with some good companies online (silverfish, TF tuned). I can’t say that I’ve ever received what I consider good service from an LBS 🙁

    Oakley. Simply awesome.

    Premier Icon ben

    Had a few spokes snap on my Hope wheel.

    Got in touch with Hope who sent out replacements all the way to Singapore. Top service. :d


    Judging on my recent experiences, ordering anything from Germany is super efficient.


    Swinnertons @ Cannock Chase…. Top people.


    Hmmm. Oakley. I’ve had great service in the past from them, but am still waiting for my ordered in the price error specs…

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Recent dealings with nice people

    Planet X

    Had a couple of poor ones too… but I’m a nice guy so I won’t slag them off on here.


    ordering anything from Germany is super efficient.

    They’re just reinforcing their own stereotype!

    mr plow

    18 Bikes
    Loco Tuning
    TF Tuning
    and dare I say it – CRC

    Have all offered very good service this year. :mrgreen:

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    Patagonia gave me a £150 credit note because a seven-year-old jacket had fallen apart.

    I got it for £33 in TK Maxx originally.

    That good customer service probably why their stuff is so expensive.

    I’ve had great service in the past from them, but am still waiting for my ordered in the price error specs.

    According to UPS mine’s coming today 😀

    Enigma Cycles, have been very helpful and friendly with a lot of questions i’ve asked.
    MOJO suspension, great service.

    Premier Icon ChrisHeath


    Pleasure to deal with.


    RicherSounds. I wrote to their head office thanking the Deansgate store for their intuition and passion for products that they sell. I received a thank you letter back from the founder handsigned 🙂

    Evans Deansgate. People who actually ride bikes and are intelligent.


    Merlin cycles

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Evans, for the cheerful way they price match.

    Oakley, cos they didn’t just hand out ‘£10 off your next £100 purchase’ vouchers when they cocked up. And for their frame replacement service when you sit on, and squash, your old ones.

    And the King Canute award to 2pure for supporting Crank Brothers products.


    I’ve never ever had to deal with Hope. Which means I’ve no idea about their customer service. A strong, brilliant product means you’ll never see a companies backup..

    Merlin Cycles? I was told 3 times that the product I was interested in was ‘at cost’ and they ‘just want shifted of it’.

    Why do I need to know that information?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Have you been trying to haggle with Merlin Hora?


    I haven’t had any Hope products fail, but its’ great how you can ring them up and ask a tech question and get a reply straight away.

    Premier Icon fatmax

    The Bike Chain in Edinburgh – always top notch.
    Oakley – used three times (me smashing frames that I didn’ve have receipts for, which folks had bought abroad) – above and beyond what they had to do.
    Apple – some chilled out yank on the end of the phone was uber-helpful a couple of years back.

    And it stays with you – I’d be very loyal to those three brands now…


    I’m not saying a word but I am known to haggle over EVERYTHING. I’d do it at the petrol station but even I’m not that brazen 8)

    Works Components – fast replies and refunded product when changed frame no-quibble.

    MTB-Direct. Sold me something on ebay below cost price by accident. I offered to cancel/no probs as I didn’t want to profit out of anothers mistake. He insisted and refused to be back down and that he would honour the deal.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I can only imagine Mrs Hora’s mortified face when you get to the checkout at Tesco.


    Anywhere privately owned gets haggled. Anywhere selling me an expensive item gets haggled. Its the rule.


    Hmmm, I’ve had poor service from Oakley in the past and won’t buy them again. Maybe my loss.
    Hope are brilliant and Mojo and TF are super helpful. LoCo aren’t the quickest to respond though.
    Evans online were very good indeed.


    Just a counter LoCo has been amazing for me every time and get back to me usually within hours.

    I won’t go anywhere else for parts or service again.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Hope. fantastic help with my old Vision2 LEDs which are gradually wearing out.

    Premier Icon 18BikesMatt

    Anywhere privately owned gets haggled

    This is an interesting point, is the view that small businesses can afford it or that they are more likely to cave? It seems a little strange that most people wouldn’t dream of haggling in tesco (for example) but would be happy in a small independant


    (and thanks to those who mentioned us, we do try so it’s nice to see it gets noticed)


    Loco and my LBS, Cyclopedia Watford. Always really helpful, customer loyalty I suppose.


    Wrecker, stupidally busy week as was ill for a couple of days last week and catching up. (first day ill since I started 18 months ago and haven’t had a holiday either, mail me your question and I’ll get back to you asap, or is it a comment about a waiting time for service?

    cheers Mosey 😀

    and Bags 😀

    Premier Icon binners

    Just because its Friday and it’d make a pleasant change from moaning

    I’ll start shall I, as I’ve just had a rather pleasant experience with Fisher Outdoors.

    I had a right old bitch about my Truvativ Bottom bracket exploding after less than six months use. I then had a revolutionary idea. Instead of moaning to you lot, I’d moan to them instead.

    They responded to say they’d replace it under warranty, but they didn’t have any stock of that particular part, but they’d send me a lower spec part that’d do the trick until they had them in, whereupon they’d send me a like-for-like replacement.

    So after receiving the original BB I’d forgotten I had another one to follow. I’ve just had a knock on the door and received another nice new Howitzer bottom bracket

    I is a very happy bunny. Brilliant! 🙂

    Your refreshingly good experiences please. And no moaning!!! lets keep it positive eh kiddies?

    Premier Icon DezB

    A couple of really good one’s lately:

    and Hargroves yesterday (funnily enough, the LBS in the above story!) – ordered a hybrid for my mum – quick email reply and a phone call to the shop got the bike ready for collection the next day (no deposit needed). Then I added a rack and the guy offered to fit it without me asking! All in all a really good buying experience.

    and of course, Hope Technology.

    Another couple from me

    Animal – Sorted out a broken bag, waaaay out of any warranty, free and fast. Awesome.

    TFTuned – Ride saving greatness

    Giant – Had a few issues with my NRS when I first got it. They were brilliant. Above and beyond what was required.

    Hope – “What’s that you want? Custom drilled hubs? Yeah, sure, no problem. Want your name or anything else on them?” (No name on hubs, that would be naff, but hubs made for you, that’s pretty sweet!

    Salomon – For my ace boots! 🙂

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock

    Back on Track bikes at Malvern.

    Superstar Components

    Merlin Cycles

    All have been great to deal with. Thanks.


    TFTuned, Hope and 2Pure have gone above and beyond for me in recent months, but the award has to go to Fizik – broke a rail on a 4yr-old Arione, asked if it was possible to have it repaired (at my cost) and they sent me a brand new saddle, FOC.


    Rose bikes


    18 Bikes


    Charlie the bikemonger
    Sam @ singular
    Cy @ cotic
    Tim @ sideways

    All great to deal with, properly nice bike people.


    Hope, time and again, vision2 led several years out of warranty sorted quickly for free, maxle hub replaced free, cracked pro 11 (many years old and very well used) replaced with evo 2 for free. you could say that its a few too many things that have gone wrong but as I know they will be sorted out in a way that many others dont match then I keep going back. quite likely to buy a new hope r4 now as well

    Silverfish and We Love Mountains. I bought a set of Formula The Ones direct from Formula, which broke and Silverfish and WLM have sorted me out with a lovely shiny brand new pair. So big thanks to them!

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