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    Just to balance out the Yin and Yang, here’s a thread for positive bike commute stories.

    I’ll start: This morning was a flipping lovely commute. Mild weather, beautiful low sun. I caught up with a mate I’ve not seen for ages and we had a good chat on the way into town. Much more enjoyable than driving!

    Oh, and a bonus: I installed new tubeless on my commute bike at the weekend. Chucked the tyres on the rim, inflated with a pop pop and have stayed up without any extra pumping. Lovely.

    Does anyone else want to join me by sharing their enjoyable commute stories?

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    Every now and then, on a sunny day in June or July, I take the fast bike for the commute.
    Carbon rims and Di2 are a hell of an indulgence for commuting, but by gosh it’s fast and fun.

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    One morning i got to watch a barn owl hunting for ten minutes or so, just the other side of the fence from the cyclepath. That was pretty good.

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    My commute is largely (now) away from roads on a converted railway line . It’s a ribbon of green through a largely urban environment, it’s busy with walkers, cyclists, school kids, dog walkers and, like me, commuters. Nearly everyone is cheery or at the least clearly content not to be in a car.

    I’m very lucky

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    When ever I commute I go through central London I was born here so im bias but there honestly isnt a better city in the world. The buildings are amazing and views going the bridge are unreal especially the winters when you catch the sun coming up.

    Even in the winter its still better than the tube. Crips mornings multi layers. bike are best basically.

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    Sometimes get a close flyover from the Airbus Beluga landing at Broughton airfield, that’s always a highlight.

    Saw a family of happy looking, and presumably escaped ferrets trotting down the bikepath one day.

    Mechanical assistance, (given or received) is a cheery way to start or end the working day.

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    Some of my favourite commutes were on sunny frosty mornings. Past the tip at the top of a dip, half way up the hill the other side, it would sometimes remind me of riding to the Brechfa trails along the road from our holiday cottage. In reality it’s nothing like Wales, but caused me to feel a world away from the town I’d just cycled out of. At the top I’d head off-road for the last 2.5 miles through the fields ignoring the fact it was Thanet.

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    Beast from the East fun – it was safer to ride than drive.

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    I’ve had some close encounters with some interesting wildlife which has been really cool. A honey buzzard, some owls, deer, to name a few.

    Talking the long way home or going via the scenic route on a nice day is just great.

    Riding along the canal in Leeds to find a new pop up bar right by the water and having a cheeky pint by the water.

    Best thing about commuting though is when you’ve had a shit day at work and the ride just resets things and arriving home knackered but happy rather than stressed.

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    Since working from home (due to COVID) I don’t commute any more, but I used to have a 25km route starting with some quiet country lanes and a few climbs, and with the last 12km pan flat into town and out the other side. Under 50mins on a good day, around an hour on a ‘normal’ day’

    My favourites were those crisp quiet mornings, and getting from the near side to the far side of town without getting held up by traffic lights and belting around the roundabouts when no cars were about as fast as I dared on the days I took the summer bike.

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    A couple of snowy winters amused me. Put the ice spike tyres on the bike and go to work – overtaking cars and hopping over snowdrifts. Everybody else complaining about the weather, me arriving with a big grin

    My nicest things when commuting tho has been the bus drivers. Stopping to let me out of junctions, Waving you thru etc. Just the nicest politest drivers on Edinburgh roads. Heartwarming

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    18km through Badenoch. Usually quiet if you got the right time. Superb views on quiet autumn mornings, plenty of wildlife. And showers, drying room, bike shed and free coffee at work.

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    My commute can include Yair Forest, or Innerliethen when I finish early on a sunny Friday😁
    Couple where I’ve got to hold newborn lambs spring to mind, they were good ones.

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    And since I posted in the other thread…

    Riding home one Autumn after dark (I think it must have been Novemberish) in the distance I saw something walking along with an unusual gait. I couldn’t work out what it was, but I continued to catch it up. I got to a few meters behind and it became aware I was there, turned round, saw me and bolted. It was the one and only time I’ve seen an Otter in the wild, more surprising was that I was riding through a park in Milton Keynes.

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    A couple of snowy winters amused me. Put the ice spike tyres on the bike and go to work – overtaking cars and hopping over snowdrifts. Everybody else complaining about the weather, me arriving with a big grin

    Getting to the office as your colleagues start to ring in as they can’t get their cars off the drive. 🤣

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    You see more. Especially the change in seasons.

    It’s genuinely enjoyable. As the saying goes – I love going to work, it’s only once I get there I have trouble.

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    I was working in Farnborough for a while, years ago, so I stayed in Bracknell and commuted through Swinley Forest every morning and evening. It was summer, and it was utterly glorious. A flat out blast of half the blue/red before work was the best commute ever.

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    on Wednesday morning’s commute in I stopped to help a fellow cyclist who was struggling to get his tyre back on after repairing a puncture on a pretty deserted stretch of old railway line. At least 3 other cyclists had passed him that I saw and it was pretty much dark at 6.15 on that stretch through the woods. Poor guy didn’t have a clue how to get the tyre back on.

    on the way home on the same day I stopped to help a guy whose kiddy trailer had lost a wheel nut on the canal towpath and the back wheel had come loose. He was pretty stressed and his kid was a bit upset as he’d dragged the trailer along on one wheel for a short distance. A quick mooch around and I found the nut and got him on his way. it’s nice to be nice.

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    Three come to mind, largely thanks to working shifts.

    1. Riding home from lateshift in the dark along the Glasgow Airport perimeter road. Heard a soft, repetitive ‘floof’ sound beside me, it was a barn owl travelling at the same speed as me. We looked at each other for quite a while then it swooped away.

    2. Riding home from work one winter evening along the Barrhead Dams road. Beautifully clear, crisp night with bright moonlight reflecting off the reservoir. Switched my lights off and could see for miles across the lights of Greater Glasgow to the Campsies.

    3. Riding home to Renfrewshire from nightshift in Dumbarton on a Monday morning. Took the track up the Kilpatrick Hills and stopped for a while, watching the morning light grow stronger. Looking down at the Clyde coast, the tiny vehicles on the Erskine Bridge and all the way up to Glasgow. Everyone else was starting their working week and I had a cracking descent to do before a long sleep and my days off.

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    Last week cycling into the office the Cavalry were riding out on Rotten Row, with the rising sun behind them I could see the horses and riders within the backlit cloud of dust. Quite evocative.
    And I took 2 minutes off my commute time.

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    I’ve had lots of lovely memories with my fortunate commute through the Dales.

    The most memorable are the still early mornings where the sun comes up halfway through the ride. Felt very lucky on a few occasions.

    Also a few moonlight returns with not a breath of wind. Magic.

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    I cycled along the seafront from Brighton towards Worthing for a couple of winter months in 2017. It was an excellent way to start the day when I was used to grey drudgery of the midlands. Also was able to eat a shocking amount due to it being a bit further, which I enjoyed greatly…

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    I also forgot – my old commute was along South shore of Loch Tay.

    There was one tree were the tawny owl hung out, stunning views, deer aplenty and only two cars coming the other way over 7 miles.

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    TBH most of my commutes by bike are quite nice, I tend to take the quieter route with fewer cars, catch the occasional pleasant sunrise and often arrive more relaxed and we’ll adjusted than when I drive…

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    I’ve swapped jobs a few times around Herefordshire/Worcestershire and would never work anywhere that had a commute that was too long to commute by bike. I would probably avoid jobs too close to my house too! I have to drive on Tuesdays to pick up the nipper after school and I really don’t like it. It just feels like I’m missing out on something.

    For most years I have crossed the Malvern Hills on the way to work and that can either be done by road or off-road over the trails. I’m a year-round commuter and the changes in the surrounding countryside are great to follow as you go along. Close encounters with buzzards, hares, muntjac and bigger deer are pretty common and I’ve seen barn owls and kites out and about doing their thing. The barn owl I spotted flitting about a churchyard in the snow was like watching a ghost…

    The only problem I really have is fatigue. I do 40 miles a day now and the temptation to put the hammer down a bit when I have a tailwind and work is just “over there” is too strong to resist. I tend to forget to take into account the day of work ahead and then the journey back, along with climb over the Malverns…I ride fasted too because my stomach wouldn’t be happy with riding after breakfast so I have to eat a lot. I can ride multiple hard days back-to-back over the holidays with no accumulation of fatigue but the commute shatters me by Friday.

    Dark mornings are coming but I see that as just a change of routine. I really enjoy dark riding – it makes me feel like I’m travelling faster and everything looks and feels different. My favourite commute occurred through the snow one morning and the countryside was literally silent. I switched my light off and could ride along by the moonlight reflecting off the snow. It was transformational and in my mind’s eye the memory is a bit like a magical childhood recollection that you’re not 100% sure is real or distorted by nostalgia.

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    Most days are generally positive – I feel I’m a much better teacher period 1 if I’ve ridden teacher than driven in!

    Accidentally missed a turning in the woods on my way home one day last week, and found half a mile of new off road track I’d never ridden before.

    Beautiful sunrises on the way to work, and occasionally sunsets on the way home too.

    Hitting the rother valley downhill track on my gravel/commuting/whatever bike on the way home feels great – although it does make me think I should be a bit faster on the bouncy machine!

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    Riding through Windsor park is always lovely, perfect tarmac, no cars.

    Makes almost dying every day through Bracknell seem worth it 🤣

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    I used to live in Lancaster, I worked shifts out at Heysham but also occasionally on another site up in Kendal. The commutes from Lancaster to Kendal were wonderful – loads of route options including canals and woodland trails if I was on the CX or quiet roads on the road bike, you barely needed to touch the A6.

    Even coming home in winter wasn’t too bad, I had some insanely bright HID lights and loved having the little lanes to myself. Would often see deer, owls, badgers and foxes.

    Even now, in spite of having moved away from Lancaster in 2007, those routes from Lancaster up to Kendal remain some of my favourite road rides of all, I love that north Lancashire / South Lakes area. I think they’re so positive in my memory because, if the weather was crap I’d simply drive there so pretty much all the commuting rides I did were in good weather!

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    Too far for a (regular) commute from Guildford to Teddington, but I sometimes drive as far as Esher, where the traffic starts to build up and then use my Brompton to do the last 5 miles across HC bridge and then into the lab through Bushy Park (used to train to Esher but the wife changed jobs and so the lift to the station at this end and then not wanting to be on Covid trains put paid to that)

    It’s brilliant to see seasons change, most visible by the deer, currently there are herds of males roaming in full antler, soon they’ll be separating into solos and rutting for superiority (best not to get too close then!) then there’ll be young and then spring will be on it’s way again…..

    Had a lovely day today as it happens – daughter was at a rehearsal in Whitton so I took the Brompton and stayed up there – rode back to Bushy Park, crossed to the Thames and then rode the Thames Path for about 25km around the loop and up to Richmond bridge for coffee and pastries. There’s a lot to be said for a low effort trundle through a nice bit of urban countryside with the sun out.

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    It’s brilliant to see seasons change


    Yesterday: Glorious sun. Got too hot on my MTB ride.
    This morning, I rode to work with a bow wave literally the whole way. Some serious flooding at the first sign of rain here. I was annoyed at first, but it was some pretty crazy weather so interesting to experience. At least it’s not too cold.

    Now just got to deal with all this soggy kit…

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