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  • Best car that fits 2 bikes inside?
  • Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Skoda Yeti has the internal kit as an option.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    No kit or anything but 2 bikes fit fine in the back of my Focus estate with the wheels on.


    Sick of faffing with carriers and want to upgrade to a car that can fit me and the hubby and 2 bikes inside the car.

    Ideally want a car that sells an approved kit to hold the bikes. Been looking at a Mazda 5 which has a nice bar system and the deisel gives a good mpg too.

    Anyone know any other cars I should consider that you can buy an approved kit for? Looking to get a new or fairly new car.


    Another vote for yeti ours is great for transporting us and bikes


    If you don’t want to dismantle the bike then you want a big volume internally – Berlingo will do that no probs (assuming 140mm travel or less – but probably 2 full-on DH rigs would fit without any hassle).

    It ain’t no looker but it’s ideal for bike carting duties.

    Premier Icon CHB

    I used to get two bikes and two people into an Austin metro with zero problem. Any hatchback will fit 2 bikes in. Obviously wheels need to come off, but that’s about 30 seconds additional faffing.
    Now driving a Volvo with thule euro bike rack….much better for muddy bikes. But if the bikes are going inside the car then most cars will do.

    b r

    Get 2 in the back of my 535i, and the leather wipes easily…

    Premier Icon edhornby

    surely what you have will work, even with just the front wheel popped out??


    Two bikes with wheels off shouldn’t be a problem for anything other than very small cars. Could do it in a clio easily.


    Merc B Class has an internal rack option, with front wheels off. However, it will also take my road bike without removing a wheel, I just roll it in.

    Premier Icon ton

    front wheels off, and bikes stand side by side


    Skoda Roomster or Fabia Estate, they uses the same internal kit as the Yeti


    front wheels off, and bikes stand side by side

    We can fit two in ours without taking the wheels off.

    Erm. So ner.

    Premier Icon transporter13

    new shape galaxy…recently upgraded from a mundano estate.

    soooooo much more room 😀

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    My mates Mondeo swallows bikes. we put them in, front wheels off and leave them upright.

    I’ve had 2 bikes (large size ones) in the boot of my Skoda Octavia, rear seats up too so the bikes were proper hidden.


    I have a new shape Honda Civic and the rear seat fold upwards as well as down. This leaves the whole rear floor pan to just roll your bike in (with the front wheel off) i’ve had 3 bikes in the back this way.


    +1 for roomster, and 60mpg on a long run…


    I’ve got a picture somewhere of 3 bikes with the 3 of the car seats still up, wedged in the back of a 106. You can get 2 bikes in pretty much any car.

    Unless you don’t want to take the wheels off, which I don’t understand.. it’s not like it’s hard to do. In which case you’ll want a V70, they’re huge inside, you could get a motorbike with it’s wheels on in the back of there.

    Mate just got a Honda Accord Estate, equally huge, just not as harsh on fuel.

    Premier Icon myheadsashed

    Passat estate humongus in the rear – sleeps two easily with the seats down.

    Bikes in wheels on and a years worth of kit no probs

    Oh and if you don’t screw it 50+ on a run

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I used to have a Peugeot 806 and it swallowed bikes whole upright with seats out, but most big MPV do this – the trick is how clever the seats are. You had to take them out of the Pug which was a pain in the arse.

    My mates Focus estate easily takes two big bikes with front wheels off and with a bit of faff will take 3 bikes and 3 people and their kit in comfort. And my Mundaneo does the same with a bit more room to spare but is heavier on juice.

    Another mates got a VW Caddy MaxLife and it sawllows 4 guys and 4 bikes

    My car would quickly look the inside of a cave if I transported bikes inside it. Are you guys using dirtworkers?


    I have a Xsara Picasso and it easily swallows two bikes side by side. The rear seats flip forwards and lock into place to give you a huge load bay, so you don’t need to remove them (although you can if you need to), making the whole affair take about 2 minutes to do.

    I also get over 50 mpg if I don’t have the hammer down.

    Edit: spelling

    most cars will fit 2 bikes (including my fabia hatch) its how much or little hassle you want.

    Mr MC just bought a seat alhambra for bike transport duties. I like the posh rack in j_me’s touran pic (touran = alhambra = galaxy) below was Mr MC’s cheap but effective and stable solution (strap around front brake keeps it totally stable, grab handles are only keeping bikes upright not bearing any real weight)

    We’ve got the 2L diesel and its averaging 45mpg on an entire tank (600 miles out of 60L tank). Driving to alps this summer. Mr MC did a fair amount of research as most of our riding buddies use and recommend vans, but the alhambra has a longer load space (with passenger seats out obviously) than either a VW kaddy or ford transporter, which wouldnt have got his bike in wheels on and inline (with front wheel turned there is loads of space in front of the bikes)

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