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  • rascal

    Not all-singing all dancing.
    Simple, easy to use.
    What should I be looking for?
    Tom Tom at Halfrauds on TV half price to £80 – worth it?



    Navigon or Becker, way better than TomTom and Garmin, even the cheap ones.


    I am a true techno phobe but get on very well with my Tom Tom that cost about £130 and includes Europe so probably the one you are looking at. Works well and easy to use. Ive been quite impressed at its ability to pick clever back routes through my part of London, the Mendips and to avoid doing 2 sides of a triangle like so many seem to want to do.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Waze on your smartphone: Free


    I see that Navigon are now owned by Garmin and have no pnd units… bit poop that..


    Tomtom is great, very easy to use, the screen makes sense to someone non-technical and gps works well. Get it, you’ll not need to get bogged down in anything else.


    Whatever you chose, only go for lifetime free updates.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Always been happy with the totally free ones that are built into my Nokia phones. Download the free maps for anywhere, use them without any data connection.


    TomTom is great for ease of use but I find some of the mapping is horrendous.
    The maps on my old Mio sat nav were much more accurate.

    I use Here Drive on my Nokia windows phone, very easy to use,accurate and costs nowt, Waze is supposed to be pretty good to but not tried it myself.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Basic Garmin Nuvi here, with Euro maps.
    It’s ability to guide us around Paris amazed me.
    Best £80 I’ve spent.


    Do you have a smartphone?
    If so, then why aren’t you using that?
    I usually use CoPilot Live, but it has got an irritating habit, which other mapping systems also have, of insisting on guiding you along motorways, even when there are perfectly good A-road alternatives. Apple Maps have proved to have the best route guiding, compared to Google and CoPilot, but as it’s relying on web access, you’re stuffed when there’s no network available when you actually need it, like where I spent a week last year.
    After reading several recommendations on a similar thread on here, I’m giving Navfree UK & ROI a try. It certainly seems to give good routes, happily showing my preferred route down to South Devon, avoiding the M4/M5 that usually gets shown.
    It’s free, it certainly seems to do what it’s designed to do, and others recommend it; if you have a smartphone, that would seem to be your best option. 😀


    Actually went and looked at a few sat nav devices yesterday.
    Just a thought…is a sat nav worth having if it doesn’t give live traffic updates?
    You have to pay some serious wedge to get one that does.

    Tom Tom Smart 25 has brilliant reviews so plenty of people think it’s great – it doesn’t have traffic updates but doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue to them.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Google maps on Android.
    It even links to my diary, so when I leave the office, it lines up the navigation already. And then when I get there it tells me how far to next appointment / home with live traffic updates.
    Only downsides are that my speaker on the phone is only just powerful enough, and it has to be plugged in charging.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Love my Tom Tom xl (UK and Europe) with traffic thingy, a SIM card inside that does routes to avoid traffic jams etc,

    Traffic thing is £40 a year and as I spent a lot of time in the car for work, it’s worth it for me.

    You can also do searches for things / places on it as it has inter web access.

    Cost me £140? From Halfords about 8 months ago which included 12 months traffic whatsit

    It sits on one of those heavy bean bag things so I don’t have a sucker windscreen marks for scumbags to see.


    Halfords are doing a UK and Ireland for £130 with traffic thingy ( it’s called Go Live apparently.)


    Wife has a Garmin. It’s not very chatty which keeps making me think it’s not working or has got lost. When he does pipe up it’s invariably quite late, especially in town.
    “Turn left now”, just as we’re driving past the junction. It’s OK if you keep your eye on it but you can’t just rely on the voice commands.

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