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  • Best brakes for my solaris build
  • 663sqd

    Decisions for brakes to be made built to a general trail/xc spec.

    Options considered so far;

    Xt front and rear 180 rotors
    Hope x2 race 160 rotors
    Hope m4 180 rotors. .

    Any suggestions experience? After stopping power/ modulation and not too £££!

    I currently use avid and find them a bit stop or nothing.


    Deore are just as powerful, if not quite as pretty


    XT 180mm front and 160mm back would get my vote although the same rotor set-up for the hope x2 would be more bling.


    I have XT 180 on mine and its fantastic
    Just be aware that the rear rotor is very close to the chainstay and I’ve chipped the paint slightly putting the wheel in
    If I was buying now I’d get a 160 rear rotor


    Trail 7’s all the way. I can’t stand the Shimano lever shape.


    Deore M615. Spend the £60 you’ve just saved on something else!


    SLX on mine and I’ve never wished for anything better. I love my Solaris. In fact I think it’s the best bike I’ve had.

    SLX on mine also. 180 front 160 rear ice-tech rotors. Finned organic pads. More than enough stopping power.


    My guess is your riding may be a factor, along with what brakes you like?


    Thanks all, hadn’t considered the avids. . Interesting. .

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    Formula RX on mine, 180,160 mm. Prefer the feel of my Shimano SLX on the FS though


    Deores on a budget all the way. Got the 2013 ones on my rigid 29er Inbred, and can’t rate them enough. I actually prefer the looks over the XTs as well.

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    Difficult to buy bad brakes these days (unless they’re avid’s), just depends on your personal preferences really. And budget.

    As a general rule, Shimano tend to be a bit more snatchy than most, Hopes quite progressive. I’ve always got on well with Shimanos but some don’t.

    Nobody needs anything better/more expensive than Deore’s. They’re awesome for the money, the only reason you’d buy anything else is if you really don’t like the feel of Shimano’s, or for vanity reasons. But then if you’re building a lovely new bike, then by all means you want the brakes to look nice too!

    Got Deore’s on my Kona, only thing I’d change them to would be SLX (to match the SLX kit on it). Just building up a new Kinesis Sync as a demo bike, decided to put Formula T1’s on it. Why? Well cos my god they work, and they look sooooo pimp! If you’re spending £1500 on a frame, then £500 on the brakes is almost easy to justify!

    Just changed from elixir 9 to xt, was going to get hope part of a good trade package in work with wheels but decided to get xt, used a few generations of xt and the newest is beautiful but as mentioned snatchy, my avids where good but not a patch on the xt’s. I’m running 180 front and 160 rear. Very happy with my decision. Horses for courses though but try some on a shop bike to see if you like lever feel and looks etc.


    I Have the following brakes on my bikes

    Hope Tech M4 (180)
    Hope Tech X2 (180)
    Shimano SLX (180) & also on a Solaris.

    I prefer the feel of the hopes, but will be the first to admit the SLX offer better VFM. Performance wise There really isn’t much in it.


    Great outlook guys, many thanks. . Really liking the sound if deore and slx now. . I think hope are just to costly from new in comparison (although most of the components fitted are hope so would all look rather Gucci!)

    Many thanks!

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