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  • Best bit of outdoor kit you own.
  • Whats the one bit of outdoor kit you own that has endured, performed and you wouldn’t be without.

    For me it’s a Buffalo Special 6 shirt. 10 years old, going strong.

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    Aldi hydration pack, basically an exact copy of a camelback mule (of the same era). £9 it was and I’ve been using it for 10 years or so, commuting and MTBing!! I’d like a fancy new one but there’s no point as there’s still nothing wrong with this one.


    Check out my last contribution to the ski and snowboard thread, we’re both wearing Buffalo special 6 shirts that are 10 years old. I have a 20-year-old one but that has been through too many brambles and wash cycles.


    I have a Giessegi thermal/windproof/water resistant gilet that has been absolutely hammered on the road and MTB since 1998. It’s still great.

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    ooh, tricky Qu.

    1) Alpkit pipedream sleeping bag. Id sleep in it at home if the missus would let me.
    2) Buff
    3) Long sleeve merino base layer. (On-One)

    Weber charcoal BBQ, Without question.

    A 20 odd year old Lowe Alpine fleece.

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    A penis.

    Seriously. Peeing in the great outdoors seems to be a whole lot more hassle without one.

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    There are VERY few things that comes on every bivi/camping/outdoorsy trip I’ve been on, one of those is my titanium mug. It’s my only cooking pot on bivis, it’s been on gas and meths stoves, in fires, in/on wood burners – I love it

    I don’t think I have a single favourite, lots of favourites for different types of gear though

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    My hat.

    Windproof, water resistant(when I proof it every couple of years) outer, thin fleece inner, flaps that disappear and still a good fit because it’s just stretchy enough. Bought it in an outdoors shop in Dolgellau over 20 years ago, it was a sample. It’s in need of a restitch but it’s starting to look terminal. Autumn to Spring I won’t be without it, and it’s kept my head happy down to -40 in Canada.

    Montane fireball. Unbelievably versatile bit of kit.

    Got one of those hats from LL Bean 24 years ago… My wife wouldn’t let me wear it. Think she was right! 🙂

    For me, an Arcteryx sidewinder ski jacket, cost a lot 10 years ago or so. Still works brilliantly as do the minuteman trousers I got someone off a forum at the same time. Done about 32 weeks on the snow.


    my army surplus german paraboots, a massive £24, had them for about 15 years so comfortable to wear loads of ankle support, quite lightweight and for all intents and purposes waterproof

    they are are to tricky to find so when the tread is gone they’ll cost twice as much to resole 🙁

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    my bike.

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    Berghaus coat. Had it 10 years. It is starting to wear at the cuffs and this makes me sad.


    Scarpa Dru’s, on my second pair now (ebay purchase). bought my first pair in Aosta Italy in 1997, been the best boots ever. the original pr still get an outing occasionally but the tread is worn right down. also they weigh a tonne compared to modern boots, but it doesn’t bother me cos they fit great. I’ve bought other more modern ones, but always sell them and go back to these.


    northface apex softshell jacket. as good now as the day I bought it 8 or so years ago. snug, warm and pretty showerproof, and comfy when wet in a downpour.


    Sprayway cycling jacket, bought in about 1994. I can’t wear it out; it’s got patches on it and last time I proofed it I used Thompson’s Water Seal…. and still it works and keeps me dry.

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    as someone with poor circulation – my Zippo handwarmer.


    Bridgedale socks

    Osprey Escapist 15 pack and some 10 year old Altura Winter gloves. The Gloves were too thick to be any use on the bike but great for cold wet days walking.

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    pair of Helly Hansen walking boots I found in an outlet store. Lightweight, grippy, waterproof and comfy, lasted me about 10 years so far.

    2 for Baa Baa base layers, amazballs

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    A Montane Active smock (Buffalo-alike).

    Lowe Alpine 2-part gloves, fleece inner glove, waterproof/insulated outer.

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    This winter, my sealskinz socks……;
    Since discovering merino base layers my outdoor life has got much more comfortable;
    Over the years Scarpa Ranger walking boots (they suit my feet way better than any other i’ve tried)


    Lowe Alpine fleece bought in 1999 still great.

    Berghaus goretex jkt also years old.

    Berghaus Explorer gtx boots still going strong over 12 years old.

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    Alpkit Filo

    About 5/6 years old now and showing its age. By far the warmest, most comfortable jacket I’ve ever owned. T-shirt and jacket in all but the very coldest of weathers.

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    A battered old camelbak chaos- got it as a magazine freebie, used it massively, it’s just the perfect size and fits me beautifully. Enough that I’ve had an ebay search trawling for replacements for ages, since the first is a bit clapped out, and just bought 2 more.

    Rukka goretex motorbike trousers- protective, warm and waterproof. Tough, too- most textiles are “crash and replace”, these have been down the road a couple of times and are just a bit polished and chafed.

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    I saw this thread title and immediately thought of my Buffalo, delighted to see it was the very first item listed

    10 years old, going strong

    Barely worn in! I reckon mine is about 21 years old and just coming into its prime. Cost me £65 and must have been used and abused 1000’s of times. Only fault is it seems to be shrinking slightly around the waist….

    I also have a Timbuk2 courier bag that is (I think) 23 years old. I had to get up in the night time to phone the bike shop in San Francisco to order it, I then had to wake my Mum up for her to pay for it with her credit card. Still used every day and no signs of wear.

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    hm, in terms of stuff I’ve had forever –
    Rohan fleece – can’t recall the model, has a neck zip. Still great, warm, and my wife reminds me I’ve had it since before we met. So that makes it possibly 25 years old..

    Longevity for bike kit – Endura MT500 shorts (old spandex style) – obviously the pad is breaking up, but the support and comfort (and protection) they give is great, and reassuring..

    I’m not at all outdoorsy but I have a jetboil in the back of the car which I use to make tea / noodles everywhere and anywhere. Awesome and paid for itself many times over in cups of tea. Just finished the first mini can of gas


    Second the buffalo special 6 finally killed mine last year, well the zip died on one side. army green, easily the most versatile piece of kit ive ever owned and about the only one I got sad about when I bust it. Also 10 years old with two years playing army reserve boy in it so covered in blood group and army number.


    my wingnut hydro pack is some piece of kit. made for the real world and designed on a blank sheet of paper – its amazing.

    even on days that I’m carrying loads (epic winter days) the weight doesn’t seem noticeable once its sitting on your lower back and your mashing the pedals.

    looks weird as well so suits my bike and me!

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    Coleman stainless steel flask 20+ years old still keeps stuff boiling hot all day


    My 5.10 trainers (feet sticky happines)Camelbak palos low rider pack and HammyUK.

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    Coleman flask. It’s dented n bruised but still rocks.

    Oh n my omm smock.


    2nd hand German army shirt I bought from an army surplus in 1989 for £3 at Coventry.
    I am still wearing it everyday when I am cooking.


    My trusty Zamberlan boots, proper fitted and 15 years old. Patagonia r2 fleece (got two), patagonia merino and Arcteryx primaloft hooded jacket that combo with a good shell covers lots of situations.

    Hydroflask bottle and flask given to me by Chris Igleheart (Amazing US frame builder). Just brilliant, I see the flasks are now available in the UK. Fit in a bike bottle cage too.

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    My old North Cape base layer from the early 90’s. Still going strong and my go to base layer when it turns colder out.


    A mid 80’s Karrimor Hot Route 55 ruc sac, 30+ years old and still going, from when Karrimor made decent kit. It has done everything from winter day sac, lugging climbing gear from crag to crag, backbacking (with strap on pockets). The shoulder strap padding is a little thin these days but still used for dragging clmbing gear to crags.

    My more current/recent best bit of kit is Montane Prism jacket. It has become my go to jacket for 3/4 of the year, in fact more than that as it goes summer camping and is supplemented with a Rab Generator gillet in the cold winter days.

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    My Carradice Camper Longflap saddlebag – used just about every day for 20 years now.
    Stitching is starting to go one of the pockets though.

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