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  • Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    second-hand hardtail with a 120mm(ish) fork, unless they have specific requirements (DH, freeride, XC racing etc.)


    My lovely second hand trek 6500… Shameless I know.
    Email me at nug8321 at hotmail dot com should you want some pictures or details.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Do they need other gear, helmet, gloves, shoes (advantage with flat pedals for starting out is you can use old trainers initially). You can get an ok new bike for £500, eg something on sale from last year’s model range. Big brands like Specialised Rockhopper or Giant and Cube’s are good value (direct import to bike shop so one less middle man).

    As noted above if you search around (eg on clasiffieds here) you can buy a used bike which would have cost around £1,000 plus but you have to know what you’re looking for and be prepared to travel to look at it.

    I got started on a £350 Specialised Hardrock, to be honest I should have spent more as it was V-braked with a rubbish fork which I subsequently changed, £500 you’ll get a much better bike which will provide a great introduction to the sport. Have fun.

    Rob Hilton


    Actually, I’d probly go 2nd hand, but if they’d want the reassurance of buying new there’s always some decent offers about – google is your friend.

    I wouldn’t consider a full-suss at that price range, even heavily discounted, such as: as it’ll be a really heavy piece of shit.


    go second hand. they’ll get more for their money – obviously an element of risk too but if your careful some bargains to be had

    Anything in the edinburgh cycles range? – or the bike chain has merida bikes that look great value for money


    Premier Icon cloudnine

    I have a 16″ 4 month old Cube Ltd Race £500 plus courier delivery.
    My email is in my sig for pictures and details

    What would you go for?

    I’ve got two mates both looking at the same price range wanting to get into MTB.

    I’ve been doing MTB for about 2 years so i’m nowhere near an expert.

    Rob HiltonMember

    I wouldn’t consider a full-suss at that price range, even heavily discounted, such as: as it’ll be a really heavy piece of shit.

    Is it wrong that I’m actually finding that ‘really heavy piece of shit’ quite tempting? 😳

    Cheers for all the help!

    For the record one lad is about 5’9-5’10 and the other is 6’1.

    Helmets are sorted, got a good deal on these to get them started off:

    I had the black one when I first got into biking and it looked good and was comfy.

    Gloves and lights etc arn’t a problem as i’m currently investing in importing them from Hong Kong and China to start a small business from home. (Knog Frog lights front and back for £6)

    I like the Kona, I had a Kona Blast Deluxe 2009 as my first bike and loved it.

    Cheers again


    If they want to buy new don’t ignore Halfords. Some bargains in the sales when they happen, and the Voodoo and Carrera bikes are pretty decent and amazing spec for the money. Won’t win any streed cred prizes at the trail centre but may get a good bike to start on.

    Looking like one down, one to go!

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