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  • Premier Icon deus

    i once picked up an Azonic shorty stem for a fiver in Halfords. brassed it when it didn’t have a label on it in the parts bin and said i’d pay £10 for it 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My Raceface Next SL carbon seatpost, £50… I think the shop had maybe confused the stock with the Deus XC post and priced it up wrong. That possibly makes me a thief. Ah well.

    Following the blatant rip off thread,I started I feel I need to redress the balance and make me feel good about spending money on my bikes again….

    What`s your suggestions?

    Mine ,Charge Spoon saddle…


    Pike 454s in the infamous CRC “fire sale”. £200. Not a mark on the forks.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Heh, I got a set of Tora 302s in that flood sale for £70. No box but otherwise mint… Used them for 3 months and sold them for £100. I hope they get flooded again this year.

    second the charge spoon.
    Truvativ hussefelt 40mm stem: about a third the price of anything else that short.
    Troy lee Air and xc gloves.
    smica components in general.
    Are we talking ‘bargain at full rrp’ here?

    My brand new trance3,complete bike for £450.
    Don’t mention the fact that it doesn’t bear any resemblance at all to how it looked stock now though…. 😉


    £20 carbon seat post (350mm, weighing 220g) from Planet X website or On-One shop.


    on one frames.


    Redline “Prostyler” bmx frame for £28 in 1985, should have been a couple of hundred.


    Set of Juicy 7s for £120 from Merlin.

    Got my Carrera Fury from Halfords (bear with me) and paid a 170 quid deposit with Goldfish card points, bought 330 quids worth of vouchers through NUT scheme at 10% off to pay balance. Got there and maybe the woman (well, girl really) misread the deposit/balance sheet, but she only charged me another 170 quid.
    So I ended up with a £500 bike for a cash outlay of about £153 quid.
    The rest of the vouchers were used for DIY stuff for the house we needed anyway as they were not Halfords specific.
    Not an advertised bargain but put a smile on my face 🙂


    Technically not bike kit but it was used on a bike trip. I bought some walking kit and a ski jacket from an Outdoor shop and when I got home and checked the receipt the lass on the checkout hadn’t charged me for the £350 Northface Jacket, but she’d removed all the security tags.

    My S-Works carbon Enduro frame, forks, shock, stem, Thomson post for £1500 reduced from £2500

    Premier Icon convert

    Hope hoop wheelsets

    My new bike that landed yesterday – RRP£700, paid £180 after discount and via company Cycle Scheme 😀

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I took the OP to mean bargains at RRP, yeah.

    Most of your so-called bargains above only highlight the original high RRP!

    I’d nominate (probably controversially) Superstar and Discobrakes brake pads (and rotors from the latter too).

    Aldi bike clothing is a bit of a steal too.


    I thought a full XT Groupset for £340.00 last year from Merlin was a steal, included brakes, discs, shifters, chainset, cassette, shadow mech, chain etc. Hate to think what that would all cost me now.


    at the mo full build, boardman pro full sus, and pitch pro.


    merlin malt with upgrades to about£800, got through cycle scheme and other discouts, for £250 !

    Spoon £20 rrp – good cheap saddle
    TORAs £115 from Alpine Bikes
    Maxxis ADvantage 2.1 £15 – good cheap tyres
    Pair of ready to run Deore Hydraulic brakes £115 – cheap and faultless

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