best app to use iphone as gps on bike

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  • best app to use iphone as gps on bike
  • looking into what app is worth getting to use the phone as a gps device. Would like to be able to download a route and follow it from an on screen map.
    Obviously this will hammer battery life but would consider carrying an extra back up power supply for such instances.
    Whats worth having?


    A GPS.

    Keep the phone safe and secure for when you might need it. 😀

    Premier Icon jam bo



    I have a few aps as below but don’t use them for that but here is my 2p

    Viewranger – probably best for what you want
    OS Map – I use this a lot, get phone out tap screen amd you know exactly where you are on a 1:25 OS map – required £18pa subscription but I have that anyway for the computer and worth every penny
    Endomondo – recording, has a map too and you can see where you are relative to the start for example if a bit lost

    I think my £600 phone is too valuable to have strapped to the bars so if I wamted gps I’d buy a cheap dedicated garmin etc. Battery life better too as simple b&w screen vs phone.


    Can definitely recommend view ranger although it takes a bit of practice to work out how to use it (I’m usually quite savvy with stuff like this but found it hard to navigate and learn this app)

    @jambalaya OS maps sounds interesting – does it need to have a phone signal to pick up your location or does it just work from the phones GPS?


    @julz – no you can cache the maps by scrolling around when you have a signal / wifi and then internal gps is all you need. There was a thread on here as some of the developers are stw-ers 🙂 I had the pc subscription amd thought that well worth the money so from my perspective the app was free.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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