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  • Best Album of the 90’s
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    Thread title isn’t weirdest 90’s album for getting your mates stoned to 😉


    gotta have some orb…. U.F.Orb
    gotta have some orbital…. Snivilization

    Lifeforms FSOL.

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    Do you lot deliberately play ‘choose the most obscure band/album’ game without ever revealing the rules, or even admitting to us and each other that you’re playing?

    Well, you did admit to having completely lost interest in music through the 90’s, so you can’t then come back and make the above accusation.
    Pretty much everyone has mentioned some of the most important and best selling albums during the 90’s, so if you weren’t paying attention…
    FWIW, I’m actually struggling to think of something that others haven’t already mentioned!

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    Mine is probably down at 54. Much better either decades either side.

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    Looking down that list, albums from 90-92 just feel like they were in a different decade to those from 97-99 to me….Though I also left my teens and entered my 20’s halfway through it all.

    I spent a lot of the 10’s thinking the 90s was cack for music, until I recently reassessed my views, considering my midlife crisis etc. Anyway, my ten pennorth;
    Faith No More- Angel Dust
    Stereolab- Dots and Loops
    Sepultura- Chaos AD
    Autechre- Amber
    DJ Shadow- Endtroducing
    It seemed like Radio1 was a bit more grown up then, with Peel, the evening session, Mark&Lard, lots of interesting comedy too.


    Not the best, but albums I took a keen interest in. Was 11 in 1990 so teenage listening. In roughly chronological order:

    Pet Shop Boys – Behaviour (90/91)
    U2 – Achtung Baby
    808 State – Gorgeous (93)
    Prodigy – Music for the Jilted Generation (94 – a great year)
    Radiohead – The Bends
    Pink Floyd – The Division Bell
    Chicane – Far From the Maddening Crowds
    Chicane – Behind the Sun

    First two Oasis albums may have made it if they weren’t soured by the absolute rubbish they’ve made since.

    Early teen interest in dance music spiked by having older brothers into the dance scene. Memories of one in particular randomly bursting into my room and cutting all sorts of shapes with his top off. Shared a house with 5 brothers and a sister, crazy days but the best of days.

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    So so many…

    I was so lucky to be in my teens and 20s in that decade

    Poor kids today (music wise)

    @boardinbob had it. Within a bawhair.

    GnR – Use Your Illusion


    But yeah, the 90s was a long decade with a hell of a lot going on. Some absolute belters so far.

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    Poor kids today (music wise)

    Yeah, so much choice of brilliant music, must be hard to know where to start.

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    Not exactly best album related, but definitely 90’s, I’ve been listening to 2 Unlimited No Limit and enjoying it, thanks Go Jetters! Used to think it was shit bitd.

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    Yeah, so much choice of brilliant music, must be hard to know where to start.

    It’s a fair point but you tend to gravitate to what your friends and what’s popular at the time.

    Takes a few years to find and appreciate the stuff the came before I think

    I’ll top and tail the decade:

    Also sort of agree the most innovative period was from the late eighties till about 94-95.

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    Maxinquaye, Leftism ,Dummy all been listed. I would add Bothy Culture by Martyn Bennett

    And Revival by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    +1 for prodigy

    Others that still make my playlist alot not already mentioned from the early 90s

    Seven by James
    Levelling the Land by The Levellers
    White Room by KLF

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    Looking through my (digital) collection these albums are kind of essential for me…

    Fugazi – 13 Songs
    Bongwater – The power of pussy
    Momus – Hippopotamus
    PJ Harvey – Dry
    Beastie Boys – Ill Communication
    Stina Nordenstam – And she closed her eyes
    Royal Trux – Thank you
    Palace Music – Viva last blues
    Etienne de Crécy – Super Discount
    Gillian Welch – Revival
    Björk – Homogenic
    Daft Punk – Homework
    Cat Power – Moon pix
    Gillian Welch – Hell among the yearlings
    Arvo Pärt – Kanon Pokajanen
    Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I see a darkness
    Fiona Apple – When the pawn
    Mogwai – Come on die young
    Underworld – Beaucoup fish


    Definitely maybe.

    Both generic.

    Both had a massive effect on music and youth culture for their respective countries and beyond.

    Plenty of other rubbish I like, nothing obscure:

    NIN – the downward spiral
    Smash – the offspring.
    Tiger milk – belle and Sebastian.
    Eminem – slim shady LP
    Manic Street Preachers -the holy bible
    Therapy? – troublegum
    Slipknot – slipknot
    Tool – aenima

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    Poison Idea – Feel the Darkness.

    RIP to Thee Slayer Hippy who drummed on that album and died this week 🙁

    Premier Icon hairyscary

    The two that spring to mind for me are:

    Depeche Mode – Violator

    Ride – Nowhere


    Definitely Maybe, Dookie and Nevermind are the anglo-saxon albums I still enjoy playing along with.

    The 90s were the MTV years. I stopped playing records and just left the TV on with MTV. There were some great MTV sets (and live sets on other channels inspired by the unplugged series) that beat any studio album produced in the 90s IMO:

    Nirvana, Clapton, The Cure, Die Arzte, the Pretenders, Goldman and Oasis at their best:

    Cypress hill – temples of boom (their creative high
    point? 😖

    Jesus jones- doubt

    Lagowski- wire science

    Fluke- six wheels on my wagon;

    Orbital- brown album

    Premier Icon stevious

    Beta Band – 3 ep’s

    I once heard that in a record shop and liked it so much I bought 5 copies

    Premier Icon halifaxpete

    Prodigy, Music for a Jilted Genereation
    The Verve, Urban Hymns
    Dr Dre, 2001
    Fugees, The score
    Oasis, Definitely Maybe/Whats the story morning Glory
    Eminem, Slim Shady LP/Marshall Mathers LP
    David Grey, White Ladder
    Nirvana, Nevermind


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    Boards of Canada – Music has the Right to Children

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