Best 3G PAYG Data SIM?

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  • Best 3G PAYG Data SIM?
  • jota180

    Geting a bit confused with this

    Looking for a data only SIM, ideally that doesn’t expire in n months.
    Looks like that won’t happen so is there anything to beat the ‘Three, 3GB over 3 months’ @ £20.49 deal?
    I don’t really want want to lock in to too much bandwidth until I know what I’m likely to use.



    Best bet is to buy the Three sims from amazon with 3gb preloaded onto them for about 11-12 quid, then just chuck them and buy another when it runs out.

    That’s what I do with my iPad, buy 3-4 at a time and just cjuck a spare one in your wallet, just in case it runs out while you aren’t at home


    giffgaff databags ?


    have alook at giff gaff


    No nano SIM from giffgaff yet and I can’t be bothered to file a micro down

    EDIT: Looks like I may have to buy a cutter

    I have a Three contract for my iPad. £7.50/month for 1GB data, and because it’s a rolling one I can cancel it anytime I like. Had really good service from them, no down time and nearly always have a signal in the Plymouth area. Can’t say I’ve noticed a lack of one back home in the Bath area either.

    Of course the real test will be when I’m next in the Lake District of the Scottish Highlands/Outer Hebrides with it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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