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  • FunkyDunc

    Ok I really don’t have a clue on this, but I want to get a heart rate monitor and start training a bit more seriously. Currently I just use a Smartphone whilst out riding, so a bike computer would be handy, but then it would be good to be able to take it running too.

    Id also like to be able to use it on the Turbo too, so I guess the option to buy cheap secondary cadence sensor and bracket is a consideration.

    Am I asking too much?

    Do things like Garmin Edges do this? I’m not too bothered about mapping, and I assume that’s what your paying for on a Garmin?


    Bump !

    Any ideas?


    Go to the Garmin site and compare the features of the different edge models, not all have mapping.


    Garmin Edge 500 will be perfect for the cycling side of things, not sure how well they’re suited to running (believe the Forerunner series are their running equivalents?) but assume you’ve got a pocket or something you can drop the base unit into.

    Works well on the turbo too, you can omit the base unit and use a Ant+ stick in your laptop which can pair up with your HRM and speed/cadence sensor and bring the data straight into training software such as TrainerRoad.

    I bought mine just after Christmas so I’ve had a good few months using it, I’ve learnt a fair bit and I’m riding stronger as a result which I guess is what you’re looking for?!

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    Sounds like an Edge 500 would be about right, you can get a wrist mount but it’s better suited to on the bike than the wrist. Alternatively look at which of the Forerunner supports cadence meters if you want something which is more running biased.

    I have quite a collection of Garmins, my Forerunner 610 has bike and run modes, but isn’t particularly cheap. Edge is certainly best for on the bike, Forerunner 910XT does everything you could possibly imagine, but you pay for it.

    DC Rainmaker is probably the best person for reviewing and comparing all the GPS computers around, this is a link to the Edge 500, but he has a product comparison calculator too which is very useful.

    Cheers, Rich


    Garmin have just announced a Forerunner 620 which does more than the 610 and is smaller and lighter.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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