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  • Premier Icon jam bo

    With that criteria, probably gravity dropper.

    I like my lev though

    I have an early KS i7 (27.2mm)that I will not vouch for. It has started to sag when sat on by around 20mm at the top, more if half way up.

    It can be repaired (spoke to the new distributor) but the bit that is failing is a sealed unit and will cost £70 to replace.

    It hasn’t had that much use as its on my second bike.

    I’m going to keep my ear to the ground regarding he Thompson one when its available. Hopefully it will be as good as its brand name suggests.

    b r

    I’ve got this:


    Mine came with the remote but I don’t use it as there was also a neat handle for under-seat use.

    Works well, and maintenance wise, I just clean it and lube with suspension fluid.

    I bought the X Fusion, without any knowledge of reliability, for Mrs Wachowchow’s 5 spot but cant comment on how well it works as she’s up the duff so not riding much as a result.


    I’ve had an x fusion on now for a year, it has to go back under warranty straight away due to a duff seal but since then it’s worked flawlessly.

    Before that I tried a ice lift and that snapped after about 2 months.

    The best will undoubtedly be the Thompson when that comes out shortly but it won’t come cheap.

    Premier Icon MartynS

    I’ve got an xfusion Hilo sl.
    It has been a massive massive pain in the arse. Been back 3 times.

    Had a standard Hilo (sl was a free upgrade after my Hilo was trashed when it was back for warranty work) the seat lamp on the Hilo is useless, I couldn’t get it done up tight enough to stop the saddle moving if I shifted my position. the clamp on the SL is much better

    However it’s working now and whilst it’s working, it’s quite good.
    I think I’ve been a bit unlucky though. I’m looking at the RSP 27.2 dropper for my hard tail, anyone out there got one??

    Premier Icon vmgscot

    Me and the GF have run a small collection from the old speedballs through to the RSP and our go-to long termer is the Gravity Dropper (Turbo Multi flavour). Been ultra reliable and fully user rebuildable.


    Best – meaning reliable, solid, easy to service,spares likely to be around for ages, just does the job well, not bothered about remote, for simple xc use


    Had a second hand then bought a brand new Gravity Dropper- not he nicest looking item but reliable and easy to service- parts are easily found if needed.
    I do like the look of the new Ks 272 but can’t justify £330!

    Premier Icon faustus

    Specialized are also going to be releasing (at some point) an XC short travel Command post in 27.2 Only 50mm travel, but it might be good and seems light – bike shops expect it to be fairly cheap too (so I hear):



    +1 on a 2nd-hand GD. It might not look all whizz-bang like a Reverb or Thomson, but every part is easily replacable and costs peanuts, and GD are very good to deal with directly.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Gravity Dropper for quality
    RSP/Satori for value

    Avoid Traildrop and other earlier GD copies as they fall apart.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    I have a T-Mars. It survived a week in Spain without any obvious issues. It’s very cheap and I’m pretty happy with it. Only complaint is that the travel is a bit short at 100mm. If I was buying again, I’d want one with a bit more (or go to less hilly places or develop some actual skill).


    I’ve got a 27.2 xfusion HiLo that I’m planning on putting on the classifieds when I get a moment. I’ve not had any problems with it, has remote, but has under seat lever bits with it if you aren’t interested in the remote faff. If you’re interested I can try and put an ad up with pics later.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I have had a cheap TMARS which was good until it snapped.
    It was warrantied however and I sold the replacement. I weigh 93kg in my pants so that might have been an issue.

    I’m now on my 2nd HiLo… the first one crept down and was replaced under warranty.

    The replacement then decided to blow an air seal which meant that it didn’t return once dropped without manual assistance.
    This was fixed again under warranty (via Wiggle, took ages, required some chasing) and it has behaved on the 3 rides I have used it on since.

    Would I buy another HiLo? Probably not. Would probably buy a Gravity Dropper, whilst not infinetly adjustable, the fact you can buy all the spares from CRC or direct and service the thing yourself counteracts that.

    Was pondering a new frame and the choice is between one with 30.9 and one with a 27.2 and I think the GD is that well thought of I wouldn’t let the 27.2 seatpost bother me…


    Had a TMARS, it was good whilst it worked, but then it started dropping whenever I say on it.

    I bought a second hand GD Turbo, much, much better quality.


    Had a TMARS, it was good whilst it worked, but then it started dropping whenever I say on it.

    I bought a second hand GD Turbo, much, much better quality.


    Do dropper posts have a maximum user weight?

    Obviously I’m asking for a friend…


    RSP sorata pro dropper post on both my useable bikes. Cheap and work well, what more do you need?


    my mates hi lo has been away for about 2 month on warranty with no sign of return..was fine until it gave up though…I’ve for a ks lev and had no probs except my own cack handed cable adjustment…apart from that sound

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