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  • Premier Icon iain1775

    Outward via Peebles
    Return along the coast
    Sustrans routes out and back
    170 miles over 3 days (overnight in Edinburgh will get messy!) staying in hostels en route so no huge luggage requirement and pace won’t be too high as its more aimed at sightseeing cake and beer than speed
    Do I take the road bike, which is actually a Trek x01 cyclocross bike, with rack and panniers, or the Inbred with same rack rigid forks and semi slicks (or rather worn Racing Ralph’s)
    Others will be on a mix of MTB with slicks, touring bikes, or hybrids
    I’m thinking a diversion around GT blue route to start the second day, which could be a bit of fun on a fully loaded cyclocross bike?

    Why not leave the panniers etc at the cafe or shop at GT, then pick them up again when you leave? Might be worth giving them a phone first, like…

    Premier Icon iain1775

    That was my thinking actually, or set out early, leave at our accommodation and nip back to get them afterwards
    My real quandary is do I compromise on the rest of the ride and ‘drag’ the mtb along the roads, or do I ‘compromise’ the GT blue by trying it on a cyclocross bike
    Part of me thinks the blue will be fine on a crosser and may actually be more fun

    Premier Icon martymac

    its a tough one, inbred will be a bit slower, but others are on mtbs anyway so its a non issue really.
    road bike will be quicker/ easier, more exciting on even a blue route.
    trek for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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