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  • Bernard Kerr’s Red Bull Hardline Course Preview
  • identitizombie
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    Head down the Red Bull Hardline course with Bernard Kerr to see what it looks like this year. There have been a few changes but it looks as wild as ever…

    See the full story at: https://singletrackworld.com/2021/07/bernard-kerrs-red-bull-hardline-course-preview/

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    Whas the really Bernard or was it a drone…so incredibly smooth

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    And he just sounds so calm!

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    Hell’s teeth! Normally, POV footage doesn’t do the track justice, but the shadows and the long periods of silence over the jumps were telling.

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    Probably a Hero 9 so it will have smoothed the ride out somewhat.

    Can tell from his oofs and the bikes clunks that it is nasty.

    Great riding though, so much ability and belief in his bike that it will get through.

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    well, there’s what I do, and there’s what these guys do…I’m not convinced it’s the same sport really!

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    Ignoring the drops and jumps, there is a lot there that looks challenging to walk down

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    Is this the same sport?

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    Madness! Fair play to anyone riding that

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    The track walk on his own channel really shows quite how big some of the features are.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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