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  • Berlin 1945 – BBC4
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    3 parter on BBC4 as part of the remembrance programming. Incredible footage showing how it was to live in the German capital at the end of the war. Absolutely stunning.

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    Cheers Dezzy Baby. I’ll give that a viewing

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    Saw that was coming up. Would imagine some of it must be pretty horrific to watch.

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    Some of it yeah. Just when you think you’ve seen or heard the most shocking things about the war…

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    Fascinating and frightening in equal measure. Fascinating in that you het to see a version of Downfall from outside the bunker, frightening in that it shows the degree to which people can delide themselves in the face of the inevitable.

    Told as it is, through letters and diary entries lends a sense of normalcy to events that is utterly absurd given the impending doom about to descend upon the city.

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