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  • Ehh?

    Are you referring to the MPs?

    Just because one group of people help themselves doesn’t mean we should stop going after other people who are helping themselves.

    Interestingly tax fraud costs the UK economy a lot more than benefit fraud ever will but successive Governments have always spent a disproportionate amount on catching the dole scammers.

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    I see that the advert against benefit fraud was on TV again last night. How this thieving bunch of scum have got the nerve to authorise it’s airing after their recent antics amazes me.


    There’s nothing wrong with import duty fraud and c2w scheme income tax fraud according to most people on here, so what’s the problem with benefit fraud anyway?

    Oh yeah, it’s done by scummy lower class people.


    When surveyed one fifth of the population admitted to having fiddled their expenses and one third thought that its ok to fiddle your expenses. So proportionally (especially as its starting to look like a lot of these recent accusations might not stick) MPs are a lot more honest than the rest of us.


    What a stupid thread.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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